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Factor Space: The New Science of Causal Relationship

In 2018, Pearl launched a big criticism of the causal scientific ban announced by Pehrson a hundred years ago, which has attracted great attention of scientific community, especially artificial intelligence. What is the importance of its …


Covert Factor’s Exploiting and Factor Planning

All the classification solutions in artificial intelligence can be summed up as explicit factor implicit problem, and the explicit factor implicit problem should be solved by linear programming. The simplex linear programming algorithm is simple …


Intelligent Problem Solving Model and its Cross Research Directions Based on Factor Space and Extenics

Artificial intelligence technology has made important progress in machine learning and problem-solving with relatively determined boundary conditions. However, the more common open problems with uncertain boundary conditions in management practice …

Open Access 10-05-2022

A Fuzzy Multi Objective Inventory Model with Production Cost and Set-up-Cost Dependent on Population

In this paper, I have developed a multi item production inventory model for the non-deteriorating items with constant demand rate under the limitation on set up cost. The production price and set-up price are the most vital problem within the …


A Framework for Collaborative Computing on Top of Mobile Cloud Computing to Exploit Idle Resources

In the contemporary era, collaborative computing is the widely used model to exploit geographically distributed heterogeneous computing resources. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) offers an infrastructure that helps in offloading storage and computing …

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Annals of Data Science (AODS) is a new academic journal focusing on Big Data analytics and applications. It not only promotes how to use interdisciplinary techniques, including statistics, artificial intelligence and optimization, to process Big Data and conduct data mining, but also how to use the knowledge gleaned from Big Data for real-life applications. AODS accepts high-quality contributions on the foundations of data science, technical papers on various challenging problems in Big Data and meaningful case studies concerning business analytics in the context of Big Data.

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