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02-05-2022 | Research Article

Dynamic optimal hedge ratio design when price and production are stochastic with jump

In this paper, we focus on the farmer’s risk income when using commodity futures, when price and output processes are randomly correlated and represented by jump-diffusion models. We evaluate the expected utility of the farmer’s wealth and …

28-04-2022 | Research Article

Derivatives-based portfolio decisions: an expected utility insight

This paper challenges the use of stocks in portfolio construction, instead we demonstrate that Asian derivatives, straddles, or baskets could be more convenient substitutes. Our results are obtained under the assumptions of the …

12-04-2022 | Research Article

Rational pricing of leveraged ETF expense ratios

This paper studies the general relationship between the gearing ratio of a Leveraged ETF and its corresponding expense ratio, viz., the investment management fees that are charged for the provision of this levered financial service. It must not be …

29-03-2022 | Research Article

Portfolio selection in quantile decision models

This paper develops a model for optimal portfolio allocation for an investor with quantile preferences, i.e., who maximizes the $$\tau $$ τ -quantile of the portfolio return, for $$\tau \in (0,1)$$ τ ∈ ( 0 , 1 ) . Quantile preferences allow to …

11-03-2022 | Research Article

Options on bonds: implied volatilities from affine short-rate dynamics

We derive an explicit asymptotic approximation for the implied volatilities of Call options written on bonds assuming the short-rate is described by an affine short-rate model. For specific affine short-rate models, we perform numerical …

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