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A framework for the generation of complex scenario instances in the Urban Transit Routing Problem

In most urban cities, the correct design of the bus routes network is a critical task to design a successful transportation system. Thus, network designers rely on solving the Urban Transit Routing Problem (UTRP) to find a set of bus routes that …


On the lengths of tree-like and Dag-like cutting plane refutations of Horn constraint systems

Horn constraint systems and cutting plane refutations

In this paper, we investigate the properties of cutting plane based refutations for a class of integer programs called Horn constraint systems (HCSs). Briefly, a system of linear inequalities A ⋅x ≥b is called a Horn constraint system, if each …


An adaptive human learning optimization with enhanced exploration–exploitation balance

Human Learning Optimization (HLO) is a simple yet efficient binary meta-heuristic, in which three learning operators, i.e. the random learning operator (RLO), individual learning operator (ILO) and social learning operator (SLO), are developed to …


Hyperparameter autotuning of programs with HybridTuner

Algorithms must often be tailored to a specific architecture and application in order to fully harness the capabilities of sophisticated computer architectures and computational implementations. However, the relationship between tuning parameters …

Open Access 19-04-2022

A semiotic perspective on polysemy

This paper extends Semiotic-Conceptual Analysis (SCA) to provide a means for comparing and evaluating semiotic relations (i.e. sets of signs) with respect to their ability of and efficiency of expressing conceptual structures. One contributing …

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