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Annals of Telecommunications

Annals of Telecommunications 1-2/2021

Issue 1-2/2021

Open Topics

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

03-09-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Time-shift immunity for wireless sensor network based on discrete wavelet packets

C. H. Kizil, C. Diou, C. Tanougast

14-07-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Low-complexity PAPR reduction method based on the TLBO algorithm for an OFDM signal

Tarik HADJ ALI, Abdelkrim HAMZA

18-09-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021 Open Access

Rogue device discrimination in ZigBee networks using wavelet transform and autoencoders

Mohammad Amin Haji Bagheri Fard, Jean-Yves Chouinard, Bernard Lebel

18-03-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Capacity analysis of maximal ratio combining over Beaulieu-Xie fading

Veenu Kansal, Simranjit Singh

13-05-2020 | Correction | Issue 1-2/2021

Correction to: Capacity analysis of maximal ratio combining over Beaulieu-Xie fading

Veenu Kansal, Simranjit Singh

10-09-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021 Open Access

Downlink channel estimation for millimeter wave communication combining low-rank and sparse structure characteristics

Jin Zhou

16-11-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Outage probability of dual-hop cooperative communication networks over the Nakagami-m fading channel with RF energy harvesting

Hoang Duc Vinh, Tran Manh Hoang, Pham Thanh Hiep

12-09-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Approximate ASER analysis of MIMO TAS/MRC networks over Weibull fading channels

Mehmet Bilim

16-10-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Minimizing the average achievable distortion using multi-layer coding approach in two-hop networks

Sayed Ali Khodam Hoseini, Soroush Akhlaghi, Mina Baghani

22-10-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Energy-efficient forwarding strategies for wireless sensor networks in fading channels

R. Milocco, P. Muhlethaler, S. Boumerdassi

14-01-2021 | Issue 1-2/2021

Integer codes correcting single asymmetric errors

Aleksandar Radonjic

20-08-2020 | Correction | Issue 1-2/2021

Correction to: An ontology supported hybrid approach for recommendation in emergency situations

Sonia Mehla, Sarika Jain

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