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Annals of Telecommunications

Annals of Telecommunications 9-10/2020

Issue 9-10/2020

IoT data stream analytics

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

16-09-2020 | Editorial | Issue 9-10/2020

IoT data stream analytics

Albert Bifet, João Gama

02-07-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020

Regularized and incremental decision trees for data streams

Jean Paul Barddal, Fabrício Enembreck

07-09-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020

Discovering locations and habits from human mobility data

Thiago Andrade, Brais Cancela, João Gama

06-10-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020 Open Access

Bi-directional online transfer learning: a framework

Helen McKay, Nathan Griffiths, Phillip Taylor, Theo Damoulas, Zhou Xu

29-08-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020 Open Access

Resource management for model learning at entity level

Christian Beyer, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Robert Brüggemann, Vincent Toulouse, Hafez Kader Omar, Eirini Ntoutsi, Myra Spiliopoulou

16-09-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020

Process mining on machine event logs for profiling abnormal behaviour and root cause analysis

Jonas Maeyens, Annemie Vorstermans, Mathias Verbeke

03-08-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020

Profiling high leverage points for detecting anomalous users in telecom data networks

Shazia Tabassum, Muhammad Ajmal Azad, João Gama

19-09-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020

Interconnect bypass fraud detection: a case study

Bruno Veloso, Shazia Tabassum, Carlos Martins, Raphael Espanha, Raul Azevedo, João Gama

08-07-2020 | Issue 9-10/2020 Open Access

Active feature acquisition on data streams under feature drift

Christian Beyer, Maik Büttner, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Miro Schleicher, Eirini Ntoutsi, Myra Spiliopoulou

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