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Multi-carrier multi-level DCSK communication system based on time-reversal

In order to overcome the shortcomings of low transmission rate in multi-user orthogonal multi-level DCSK (MOM-DCSK) communication system, a novel DCSK-based communication system is proposed. The new system is based on the time-reversal technology …

Open Access 24-01-2023

HistoTrust: tracing AI behavior with secure hardware and blockchain technology

In areas of activity where the notion of accountability is strong, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is limited by the opacity and lack of understanding of its behavior, all the more so in the embedded domain where neural networks are …


5G, 6G, and Beyond: Recent advances and future challenges

With the high demand for advanced services and the increase in the number of connected devices, current wireless communication systems are required to expand to meet the users’ needs in terms of quality of service, throughput, latency …


A three-dimensional wireless sensor network with an improved localization algorithm based on orthogonal learning class topper optimization

Numerous sensor network applications require accurate and rapid localization of randomly deployed sensor nodes. For wireless sensor network (WSN) localization, optimization methods can provide specific and reliable position estimates of a sensor …

Open Access 17-01-2023

DLT architectures for trust anchors in 6G

This manuscript investigates viable Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) architecture approaches to be used as basis for the distribution of integrity verification data. We discuss what can be a Trust Anchor and how the property of trust can be …

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