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Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing

Issue 1/2023

Content (10 Articles)

Original Paper

Division polynomials on the Hessian model of elliptic curves

Perez Broon Fouazou Lontouo, Emmanuel Fouotsa, Daniel Tieudjo

Original Paper

A note on flag-transitive automorphism groups of 2-designs with

Zhilin Zhang, Hongxue Liang, Shenglin Zhou

Original Paper

Effective homological computations on finite topological spaces

Julián Cuevas-Rozo, Laureano Lambán, Ana Romero, Humberto Sarria

Original Paper

Minimal PD-sets for codes associated with the graphs , m even

J. D. Key, B. G. Rodrigues

Original Paper

On the weights of dual codes arising from the GK curve

Edoardo Ballico, Matteo Bonini

Original Paper

On the number of and -additive cyclic codes

Eda Yildiz, Taher Abualrub, Ismail Aydogdu

Original Paper

A new class of distance-optimal binary cyclic codes and their duals

Kaiqiang Liu, Wenli Ren, Feng Wang, Jianpeng Wang

Original Paper

On the symbol-pair distance of some classes of repeated-root constacyclic codes over Galois ring

Hai Q. Dinh, Narendra Kumar, Abhay Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar Singh, Indivar Gupta, Paravee Maneejuk

Original Paper

Optimal p-ary cyclic codes with two zeros

Yan Liu, Xiwang Cao

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