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Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing

Issue 5/2021

Content (5 Articles)

Original Paper

A positive extension of Eilenberg’s variety theorem for non-regular languages

A. Cano, J. Cantero, A. Martínez-Pastor

Original Paper

Constructing reductions for creative telescoping

Joris van der Hoeven

Original Paper

Construction of new quantum codes derived from constacyclic codes over

Xiaoping Shi, Xinmei Huang, Qin Yue


Cyclic codes over with respect to the homogeneous weight and their applications to DNA codes

Merve Bulut Yılgör, Fatmanur Gürsoy, Elif Segah Öztaş, Fatih Demirkale

Original Paper

Discrete Gaussian measures and new bounds of the smoothing parameter for lattices

Zhongxiang Zheng, Chunhuan Zhao, Guangwu Xu

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