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06-05-2020 | Original Paper

On Euclidean self-dual codes and isometry codes

In this paper, we provide new methods and algorithms to construct Euclidean self-dual codes over large finite fields. With the existence of a dual basis, we study dual preserving linear maps, and as an application, we use them to construct …

29-04-2020 | Original Paper

Boomerang uniformity of normalized permutation polynomials of low degree

Differential uniformity of permutation polynomials has been studied intensively in recent years due to the differential cryptanalysis of S-boxes. The boomerang attack is a variant of differential cryptanalysis which combines two differentials for …

28-04-2020 | Original Paper

On the RLWE/PLWE equivalence for cyclotomic number fields

We study the equivalence between the ring learning with errors and polynomial learning with errors problems for cyclotomic number fields, namely: we prove that both problems are equivalent via a polynomial noise increase as long as the number of …

27-04-2020 | Original Paper

Self-dual cyclic codes over of length 4n

For any odd positive integer n, we express cyclic codes over $${\mathbb {Z}}_4$$Z4 of length 4n in a new way. Based on the expression of each cyclic code $${\mathcal {C}}$$C, we provide an efficient encoder and determine the type of $${\mathcal …

24-04-2020 | Original Paper

Hamming distance of repeated-root constacyclic codes of length over

Let p be an odd prime, and $$\delta$$δ be an arbitrary unit of the finite chain ring $${\mathbb {F}}_{p^m}+u{\mathbb {F}}_{p^m} \,\, (u^2=0)$$Fpm+uFpm(u2=0). The Hamming distances of all $$\delta$$δ-constacyclic codes of length $$2p^s$$2ps over …

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Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing publishes mathematically rigorous, original research papers reporting on algebraic methods and techniques relevant to all domains concerned with computers, intelligent systems and communications. Coverage includes vision, robotics, system design, fault tolerance and dependability of systems, VLSI technology, signal processing, signal theory, coding, error control techniques, cryptography, protocol specification, networks, software engineering, arithmetics, algorithms, complexity, computer algebra, programming languages, logic and functional programming, algebraic specification, term rewriting systems, theorem proving, graphics, modeling, knowledge engineering, expert systems, and artificial intelligence methodology.

The journal offers papers dealing with problems in commutative or non-commutative algebra, group theory, field theory, or real algebraic geometry, among others.

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