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Open Access 12-01-2023 | Original Paper

Algorithmic counting of nonequivalent compact Huffman codes

It is known that the following five counting problems lead to the same integer sequence $${f_t}({n})$$ f t ( n ) : (1) the number of nonequivalent compact Huffman codes of length n over an alphabet of t letters, (2) the number of “nonequivalent” …

Open Access 10-01-2023 | Original Paper

The automorphism group of projective norm graphs

The projective norm graphs are central objects to extremal combinatorics. They appear in a variety of contexts, most importantly they provide tight constructions for the Turán number of complete bipartite graphs $$K_{t,s}$$ K t , s with …

04-01-2023 | Original Paper

Bounds on the maximum nonlinearity of permutations on the rings and

In 2016, Y. Kumar et al. in the paper ‘Affine equivalence and non-linearity of permutations over $${\mathbb {Z}}_n$$ Z n ’ conjectured that: For $$n\ge 3$$ n ≥ 3 , the nonlinearity of any permutation on $${\mathbb {Z}}_n$$ Z n , the ring of …

22-12-2022 | Original Paper

Quaternary Hermitian self-dual codes of lengths 26, 32, 36, 38 and 40 from modifications of well-known circulant constructions

In this work, we give three new techniques for constructing Hermitian self-dual codes over commutative Frobenius rings with a non-trivial involutory automorphism using $$\lambda$$ λ -circulant matrices. The new constructions are derived as …

16-12-2022 | Original Paper

On a special type of permutation rational functions

Let p be a prime and n be a positive integer. We consider rational functions $$f_b(X)=X+1/(X^p-X+b)$$ f b ( X ) = X + 1 / ( X p - X + b ) over $${\mathbb {F}}_{p^n}$$ F p n with $$\textrm{Tr}(b)\ne 0$$ Tr ( b ) ≠ 0 . In Hou and Sze (Finite Fields …

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Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing publishes mathematically rigorous, original research papers reporting on algebraic methods and techniques relevant to all domains concerned with computers, intelligent systems and communications. Coverage includes vision, robotics, system design, fault tolerance and dependability of systems, VLSI technology, signal processing, signal theory, coding, error control techniques, cryptography, protocol specification, networks, software engineering, arithmetics, algorithms, complexity, computer algebra, programming languages, logic and functional programming, algebraic specification, term rewriting systems, theorem proving, graphics, modeling, knowledge engineering, expert systems, and artificial intelligence methodology.

The journal offers papers dealing with problems in commutative or non-commutative algebra, group theory, field theory, or real algebraic geometry, among others.

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