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Applied Composite Materials

An International Journal for the Science and Application of Composite Materials

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15-08-2018 Open Access

Surface Modification of Carbon Fibres for Interface Improvement in Textile Composites

The performance of carbon fibre-reinforced composites is dependent to a great extent on the properties of fibre-matrix interface. In this research, based on the reviewed surface modification technique and inspired by the in situ growth of …


Multi-Scale Progressive Damage Model for Analyzing the Failure Mechanisms of 2D Triaxially Braided Composite under Uniaxial Compression Loads

Based on continuum damage mechanics (CDM), a multi-scale progressive damage model (PDM) is developed to analyze the uniaxial compression failure mechanisms of 2D triaxially braided composite (2DTBC). The multi-scale PDM starts from the micro-scale …

09-08-2018 Open Access

Principles and Applications of Microwave Testing for Woven and Non-Woven Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites: a Topical Review

Carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites have been increasingly used by aerospace and other industries for their high specific stiffness and strength properties. When in service, non-destructive testing (NDT) methods are required to …

06-08-2018 Open Access

Surface Modification of Aramid Fibres with Graphene Oxide for Interface Improvement in Composites

A novel method of biomimetic surface modification was used for aramid fibres aiming to enhance the interface properties between epoxy resin and the modified aramid fibre. Inspired by the composition of adhesive proteins in mussels, a thin layer of …



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Applied Composite Materials is an international journal dedicated to the publication of original full-length papers, review articles and short communications of the highest quality that advance the development and application of engineering composite materials. Its articles identify problems that limit the performance and reliability of the composite material and composite part; and propose solutions that lead to innovation in design and the successful exploitation and commercialization of composite materials across the widest spectrum of engineering uses. The main focus is on the quantitative descriptions of material systems and processing routes.

Coverage includes management of time-dependent changes in microscopic and macroscopic structure and its exploitation from the material's conception through to its eventual obsolescence.

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