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Applied Composite Materials

An International Journal for the Science and Application of Composite Materials

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Analysis Model and Numerical Simulation of Thermoelectric Response of CFRP Composites

An electric current generates Joule heating, and under steady state conditions, a sample exhibits a balance between the strength dissipated by the Joule effect and the heat exchange with the environment by radiation and convection. In the present …


Synergistic Effects among the Structure, Martensite Transformation and Shear Band in a Shape Memory Alloy-Metallic Glass Composite

In this work, we use the finite element method to investigate the free volume evolution, as well as the martensite transformation effect and its connection with the pretreatment strain, in a shape memory alloy-metallic glass composite. Our …


Investigation on Bond-Slip Behavior of Z-Pin Interfaces in X-Cor® Sandwich Structures Using Z-Pin Pull-Out Test

The Z-Pin interfacial bond properties play an important role in the structural performance of X-Cor® sandwich structures. This paper presents an experimental investigation on bond-slip behavior of Z-Pin interfaces using Z-Pin pull-out test. Based …


Effect of Nesting in Laminates on the Through-Thickness Permeability of Woven Fabrics

The layer nesting phenomenon of multilayer fabric has a great influence on the through-thickness permeability, which is a key parameter for the simulation of the through-thickness LCM (Liquid Composite Moldling) processes. In this paper, based on …


A Comparison of the Properties of Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composites Produced by Non-autoclave with Vacuum Bag Only Prepreg and Autoclave Process

The non-autoclave curing technique with vacuum bag only (VBO) prepreg has been conceived as a cost-effective manufacturing method for producing high-quality composite part. This study demonstrated the feasibility of improving composite part’s …

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About this journal

Applied Composite Materials is an international journal dedicated to the publication of original full-length papers, review articles and short communications of the highest quality that advance the development and application of engineering composite materials. Its articles identify problems that limit the performance and reliability of the composite material and composite part; and propose solutions that lead to innovation in design and the successful exploitation and commercialization of composite materials across the widest spectrum of engineering uses. The main focus is on the quantitative descriptions of material systems and processing routes.

Coverage includes management of time-dependent changes in microscopic and macroscopic structure and its exploitation from the material's conception through to its eventual obsolescence.

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