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23-11-2020 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Simple Approach for the Determination of Temperature Susceptibility Characteristics of Pure and Modified Asphalt Binders

Asphalt is considered as a valuable construction material because of its strong, adhesive, and durable characteristics. Asphalt cement (AC) binder is a viscoelastic material with different behaviors under different climate conditions, traffic …

23-11-2020 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Study on the Effect of Guide Wall on the Transverse Velocity in the Bend

It is very important to understand the vertical transverse velocity distribution of the bend with the guide wall set on the axis to explain the improvement mechanism of the flow characteristics in the bend. Therefore, the effect of the guide wall …

23-11-2020 | Research Article-Petroleum Engineering

Stability Enhancing of Water-Based Drilling Fluid at High Pressure High Temperature

Over the years, barite (BaSO4) as weighting agent was widely used. However, it has an issue with particles settling which is known as barite sagging, that causes a variation in drilling fluid properties and operational problems. This study …

23-11-2020 | Research Article-Systems Engineering

Optimization of Green Energy Alternatives Under Uncertainty

Fuzzy goal programming is one of the most substantial optimization instruments for energy management decisions involving a large number of stakeholders from various fields. Green energy resources are among the new energy management strategies …

23-11-2020 | Research Article-Petroleum Engineering

Effect of Copper Content on the Corrosion of Carbon Steel in a Sweet Brine

The effect of copper content, on the nature and roughness of the corrosion products formed on carbon steel in a synthetic brine saturated with CO2 at room temperature, was studied using a jet impact chamber tuned at different impact angles.

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