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17-01-2019 | Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Parental Prioritization-Based Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Systems

Efficient task scheduling is important for achieving high performance in heterogeneous distributed computing systems. The main focus of this research is to build a task scheduling algorithm for a heterogeneous environment. We proposed an algorithm …

17-01-2019 | Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Classification of Soft Keyboard Typing Behaviors Using Mobile Device Sensors with Machine Learning

The amount of personal data stored on mobile devices has risen significantly during the past several years as a result of two developments: More people are using them, and sensors have become more advanced, capable of analyzing and classifying …

16-01-2019 | Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Software Birthmark Design and Estimation: A Systematic Literature Review

The concept of software birthmark is developed for the detection of theft and piracy in software applications. The originality of software can be evaluated by comparing software programs on the basis of their birthmarks. A number of birthmark …

16-01-2019 | Research Article - Chemical Engineering

Enhancing the Rheological Properties of Water-Based Drilling Fluid Using Micronized Starch

The water-based drill-in fluid should be designed to have a good carrying capacity (yield point) and an ideal filter cake (thin, impermeable, and fast formed). The ideal filter cake will reduce the fluid loss and decrease the formation damage. In …

14-01-2019 | Research Article - Petroleum Engineering

Optimization Strategy to Reduce Asphaltene Deposition-Associated Damage During CO Huff-n-Puff Injection in Shale

CO $$_2$$ 2 huff-n-puff injection has been proved an efficient and applicable method to enhance oil recovery in shale. However, the asphaltene precipitation and deposition in such injection process have not been considered in previous studies. In …

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