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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 1/2019

Issue 1/2019

Special Issue: Magnetic Hybrid Materials

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

27-12-2018 | Editorial | Issue 1/2019

Magnetic hybrid materials

Stefan Odenbach

11-06-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 1/2019

Studying the field-controlled change of shape and elasticity of magnetic gels using particle-based simulations

Rudolf Weeber, Patrick Kreissl, Christian Holm

02-07-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 1/2019

Mesoscopic characterization of magnetoelastic hybrid materials: magnetic gels and elastomers, their particle-scale description, and scale-bridging links

Andreas M. Menzel

06-08-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 1/2019

Two- and three-dimensional modeling approaches in magneto-mechanics: a quantitative comparison

P. Metsch, K. A. Kalina, J. Brummund, M. Kästner

23-08-2018 | Special | Issue 1/2019

Magnetostriction effect in soft magnetic elastomers

Oleg V. Stolbov, Yuriy L. Raikher

23-08-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 1/2019

Microscopic investigation of the reasons for field-dependent changes in the properties of magnetic hybrid materials using X-ray microtomography

M. Schümann, Th. Gundermann, S. Odenbach

24-08-2018 | Special | Issue 1/2019

Rheological properties of magnetic biogels

A. Zubarev, A. B. Bonhome-Espinosa, M. Alaminos, J. D. G. Duran, M. T. Lopez-Lopez

12-09-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 1/2019

Hybrid magnetoactive elastomer with a soft matrix and mixed powder

Dmitry Borin, Gennady Stepanov, Eike Dohmen

17-09-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 1/2019

Elastic deformations in semi-dilute Ni nanorod/hydrogel composites

Christoph Schopphoven, Kerstin Birster, Rouven Schweitzer, Christian Lux, Shilin Huang, Markus Kästner, Günter Auernhammer, Andreas Tschöpe

15-10-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 1/2019

Magnetic-field-controlled mechanical behavior of magneto-sensitive elastomers in applications for actuator and sensor systems

Tatiana I. Becker, Valter Böhm, Jhohan Chavez Vega, Stefan Odenbach, Yuriy L. Raikher, Klaus Zimmermann

19-10-2018 | Special | Issue 1/2019

Magnetorheological gels in two and three dimensions: understanding the interplay between single particle motion, internal deformations, and matrix properties

Günter K. Auernhammer

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