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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 10/2021

Issue 10/2021

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

30-07-2021 | Technical notes | Issue 10/2021

A novel computational method for dynamic analysis of flexible sandwich plates undergoing large deformation

Zhaowei Zhang, Weijia Zhou, Sheng Gao, Minhong Wan, Wei Zhang

25-08-2021 | Technical notes | Issue 10/2021

Vibration response analysis of plate with microfloating raft arrays under multi-point random excitation

Shuai Tang, Shaogang Liu, Dan Zhao, Xuntao Ren, Wenxuan Zhang, Yuxin Liu

29-08-2021 | Review | Issue 10/2021 Open Access

Comparison of discontinuous damage models of Mullins-type

Alexander Ricker, Nils Hendrik Kröger, Peter Wriggers

05-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Longitudinal load distribution of a weakly connected prefabricated bridge abutment

Leilei Xia, Zhijian Hu, Yasir Ibrahim Shah

09-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021 Open Access

Influence of morphology on the effective hygro-elastic properties of softwood (spruce) and hardwood (balsa)

M. A. Livani, E. Bosco, A. S. J. Suiker

12-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

A new numerical approach for determination of the Lemaitre’s ductile damage parameter in bulk metal forming processes

A. R. Shamshiri, F. Haji Aboutalebi, M. Poursina

14-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Surface effects on nano-contact based on surface energy density

Lihong Wang, Liyuan Wang, Hongjun Han, Wei Han, Yu Wang

18-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Design of a robust control scheme for path tracking and beyond pull-in stabilization of micro/nano-positioners in the presence of Casimir force and external disturbances

Mohammad Reza Salehi Kolahi, Mohammad Reza Gharib, Ali Koochi

18-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Numerical investigation of the MHD suction–injection model of viscous fluid using a kernel-based method

Mojtaba Fardi, Iman Pishkar, Javad Alidousti, Yasir Khan

19-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

A mechanical method of tensile strength prediction for liquids with the application of a new model for void nucleation

Fuqi Zhao, Hongqiang Zhou, Fengguo Zhang, Anmin He, Pei Wang

23-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

A study on the mechanical response of magnesium using an anisotropic elasticity twinning CP FEM

S. Kweon, Daniel S. Raja

26-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

First- and second-order sensitivity analysis of finite element models using extended complex variables method

Mojtaba Sheikhi Azqandi, Mahdi Hassanzadeh

28-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Large deformation analysis of two-dimensional visco-hyperelastic beams and frames

Farzam Dadgar-Rad, Nasser Firouzi

29-06-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021 Open Access

Analytical solution for torsion of cylindrical orthotropic annular wedge-shaped bars reinforced by thin shells

István Ecsedi, Attila Baksa

05-07-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

The reflection and transmission of a quasi-longitudinal displacement wave at an imperfect interface between two nonlocal orthotropic micropolar half-spaces

Do Xuan Tung

05-07-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Simulation of fully nonlinear water wave propagation over the flat bottom and uneven bottom by meshless numerical wave tank

Morteza Gholamipoor, Mahmoud Ghiasi

05-07-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Design of series tuned mass dampers for seismic control of structures using simulated annealing algorithm

Onur Araz, Volkan Kahya

07-07-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Nonlinear thermal analysis of multilayered composite and FGM plates with temperature-dependent properties based on an asymptotic numerical method

Farah Abdoun, Lahcen Azrar

12-07-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Crack identification in laminated composites based on modal responses using metaheuristics, artificial neural networks and response surface method: a comparative study

Felipe Mouallem de Assis, Guilherme Ferreira Gomes

14-07-2021 | Original | Issue 10/2021

Study on shear buckling strength of curved corrugated steel webs for bridges

Wei Ji, Xucong Liu

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