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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 11/2021

Issue 11/2021

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-11-2021 | Technical notes | Issue 11/2021

A note on added mass of a group of sections in confined fluid: a general conclusion

Dechun Zhang, Peng Li, Qijun Wang, Yiren Yang

14-07-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

Natural convection of a heated paddle wheel within a cross-shaped cavity filled with a nanofluid: ISPH simulations

Abdelraheem Mahmoud Aly, Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed, Noura Alsedais

17-07-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

Instability analysis of moderately thick porous micro-plate via two-variable strain gradient theory

H. Farahmand, P. Yasaie

19-07-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021 Open Access

Analysis of tribological behaviour of titanium nitride-coated stainless steel with the use of wavelet-based methods

Magdalena Łępicka, Grzegorz Górski, Małgorzata Grądzka-Dahlke, Grzegorz Litak, Bartłomiej Ambrożkiewicz

21-07-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

Microdynamic simulations of crack evolution in asphalt mixtures under three-point bending loads

Xia Zhang, Enli Chen, Pengyong Gao, Chundi Si

22-07-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021 Open Access

Driving forces on dislocations: finite element analysis in the context of the non-singular dislocation theory

Xiandong Zhou, Christoph Reimuth, Peter Stein, Bai-Xiang Xu

29-07-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

Parametric study of planar flexible deployable structures consisting of Scissor-like elements using a novel multibody dynamic analysis methodology

Bo Li, Chaoqun Duan, Qian Peng, Sanmin Wang, U-Xuan Tan

02-08-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

Effect of void shape and highly conducting boundary on 2D conductivity of porous materials

Tung Doan, Hung Le-Quang, Quy-Dong To

02-08-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

Flow-induced buckling statics and dynamics of imperfect pipes

Qian Li, Wei Liu, Kuan Lu, Zhufeng Yue

05-08-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

Finite element analysis of thermal and mechanical buckling behavior of functionally graded plates

Abdelouahab Tati

05-08-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

A TRT-LBM model of squeeze film air damping of micro-beam in the transition regime

Cunhao Lu, Rui Yuan, Pu Li

09-08-2021 | Original | Issue 11/2021

A novel type of ER3BP introduced for hierarchical configuration with variable angular momentum of secondary planet

Sergey Ershkov, Elbaz I. Abouelmagd, Alla Rachinskaya

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