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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 12/2018

Issue 12/2018

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

17-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Modeling of anisotropic remodeling of trabecular bone coupled to fracture

Ibrahim Goda, Jean-François Ganghoffer

01-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Analytical approximations to resonance response of harmonically forced strongly odd nonlinear oscillators

Baisheng Wu, Yang Zhou, C. W. Lim, Weipeng Sun

06-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

A computational homogenization approach for the study of localization of masonry structures using the XFEM

Georgios A. Drosopoulos, Georgios E. Stavroulakis

06-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

A comparative study of the principal methods for the analytical formulation and the numerical solution of the equations of motion of rigid multibody systems

Carmine Maria Pappalardo, Domenico Guida

02-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Dynamic analysis of partial-interaction Kant composite beams by weak-form quadrature element method

Chao Fu, Xiao Yang

09-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

On the dynamics of a vibro-driven capsule system

Pengcheng Liu, Hongnian Yu, Shuang Cang

10-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Strips of localization of plastic deformation

R. R. Labibov, Yu. A. Chernyakov, A. E. Sheveleva, A. G. Shevchenko

12-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Analytical and FEM solutions for free vibration of joined cross-ply laminated thick conical shells using shear deformation theory

Mohammad Hadi Izadi, Shahrokh Hosseini-Hashemi, Moharam Habibnejad Korayem

21-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Numerical investigations on mechanical behavior of friction damped post-tensioned steel connections

Zhongwei Zhao, Jinjia Wu, Bing Liang, Haiqing Liu, Qingwei Sun

29-08-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Electromechanical properties and actuation capability of an extension mode piezoelectric fiber composite actuator with cylindrically periodic microstructure

Manish Kumar Dubey, Satyajit Panda

06-09-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

MCT failure analysis of variable stiffness composite plate with a central hole

Xuejuan Niu, Wenfeng Pan, Yang Li

11-09-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

The influences of force-limiting devices and high-stiffness cables on behavior of tensegrity structures

B. Shekastehband

11-09-2018 | Original | Issue 12/2018

Optimization of dynamic quantities of a four-bar mechanism using the Hybrid Cuckoo Search and Firefly Algorithm (H-CS-FA)

Marina Bošković, Radovan R. Bulatović, Slaviša Šalinić, Goran R. Miodragović, Gordana M. Bogdanović

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