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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 2/2019

Issue 2/2019

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

19-09-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

A constraint-based collision model for Cosserat rods

Silvio Tschisgale, Louis Thiry, Jochen Fröhlich

20-09-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

A novel finite element model for large deformation analysis of cracked beams using classical and continuum-based approaches

F. Mottaghian, A. Darvizeh, A. Alijani

17-09-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Analysis of III crack in a finite plate of functionally graded piezoelectric/piezomagnetic materials using boundary collocation method

Jiaxing Cheng, Bin Sun, Mengyun Wang, Zhaoxia Li

03-10-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Dynamic analysis of slender rotor of vertically suspended centrifugal pumps due to various hydraulic design factors

Maziar Mohammadzadeh, Mohammadreza Arbabtafti, Majid Shahgholi

25-09-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

A new Bernoulli–Euler beam model based on modified gradient elasticity

Bing Zhao, Tao Liu, Jian Chen, Xulong Peng, Zhanping Song

25-09-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Dugdale plastic zone model of a penny-shaped crack in a magnetoelectroelastic cylinder under magnetoelectroelastic loads

L. L. Liu, W. J. Feng

01-10-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Vortex-induced transient stall

P. F. Pelz, P. Taubert

28-09-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Improving application of galloping-based energy harvesters in realistic condition

Sima Sobhanirad, Aref Afsharfard

28-09-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Inter-relationships among stiffness matrix components for general laminates with transverse cracks in oblique plies

N. D. Barulich, L. A. Godoy, P. M. Dardati

15-10-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Bifurcations and post-critical behaviors of a nonlinear curved plate in subsonic airflow

Peng Li, Dechun Zhang, Zhaowen Li, Chengdong Dai, Yiren Yang

15-10-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Experimental and numerical investigation on the dynamic characteristics of thick laminated plant fiber-reinforced polymer composite plates

Venkatachalam Gopalan, Vimalanand Suthenthiraveerappa, Vignesh Pragasam

29-10-2018 | Original | Issue 2/2019

Nonlinear vibration analysis of a beam subjected to a random axial force

A. H. Karimi, M. Shadmani

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