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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 4/2019

Issue 4/2019

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

20-02-2019 | Review Article | Issue 4/2019

Modelling and simulation methods applied to coupled problems in porous-media mechanics

Wolfgang Ehlers, Arndt Wagner

15-10-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Prediction of fatigue life under multiaxial loading by using a critical plane-based model

Jing Li, Yuan-ying Qiu, Chun-wang Li, Zhong-ping Zhang

30-10-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Is Newton’s law of motion really of integer differential form?

John T. Katsikadelis

30-10-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Singular solutions of truss size optimization for considering fundamental frequency constraints

Di-sheng Ou, Xiong-xin Zhou, Mao-hua Lin, C. T. Tsai

31-10-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Longitudinal wave speed in auxetic plates with elastic constraint in width direction

Teik-Cheng Lim

15-11-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

On the dynamics and control of underactuated nonholonomic mechanical systems and applications to mobile robots

Carmine M. Pappalardo, Domenico Guida

15-11-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Hybrid uncertain analysis for random convex response of structures with a mixture of random and convex properties

Yongwei Han, Zhaopu Guo, Zhongmin Deng

15-11-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Nonlinear static isogeometric analysis of cable structures

Damir Sedlar, Zeljan Lozina, Andjela Bartulovic

19-11-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

An improved engineering approach to assess crack arrays: an Addendum to Arch. Appl. Mech. 84 (2014) 1325–1337

Reinhold Kienzler, Franz Dieter Fischer, Alexander Wessel

21-11-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Fatigue crack growth simulation in particulate-reinforced composites by the equivalent inclusion method and distributed dislocation method

Jiong Zhang, Zhan Qu, Weidong Liu, Li Zhou, Liankun Wang

26-11-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

A modified uncoupled lower-order theory for FG beams

Y. L. Pei, P. S. Geng, L. X. Li

28-11-2018 | Original | Issue 4/2019

Chemo-mechanical coupling analysis of composites by second-order multiscale asymptotic expansion

Zhiqiang Yang, Tianyu Guan, Yi Sun

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