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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 4/2021

Issue 4/2021

Table of Contents ( 37 Articles )

31-10-2020 | Technical Note | Issue 4/2021

Early warning analysis of online vibration fault characteristics of motor base screw loosening based on similarity measurement theory

Feng Zhou, Pengcheng Xu, Kun Lin

07-01-2021 | Technical Note | Issue 4/2021

The novel design concept for the tensioning system of an inflatable planar membrane reflector

Swapnil D. Shinde, S. H. Upadhyay

07-01-2021 | Technical notes | Issue 4/2021

A novel analytical solution for warping analysis of arbitrary annular wedge-shaped bars

Ali Mahdavi, Mahdi Yazdani

04-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Stochastic finite element method based on point estimate and Karhunen–Loéve expansion

Xiang Liu, Lizhong Jiang, Ping Xiang, Wangbao Zhou, Zhipeng Lai, Yulin Feng

10-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Experimental assessment of temperature effect on open-hole notch sensitivity in woven carbon fiber composites

Mostafa Elyoussef, Wael Abuzaid, Maen Alkhader

25-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Dynamics and buckling loads for a vibrating damped Euler–Bernoulli beam connected to an inhomogeneous foundation

Andrei K. Abramian, Sergei A. Vakulenko, Wim T. van Horssen, Dmitry V. Lukichev

30-10-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

The stability of a slider-crank mechanism with an inhomogeneous coupler composed of transversely periodic arrays having linear viscoelasticity

Yi-Ming Wang, Wei-Hung Wu

10-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Elastic–plastic problem for a circular hole plate with regard to crack initiation in elastic zone

Vagif M. Mirsalimov

03-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Analytical investigation of elastic and plastic behavior of rotating double-walled FGM-homogenous hollow shafts

Ali Hajisadeghian, Abolfazl Masoumi, Ali Parvizi

09-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Evolution of the stiffness tetrad in fiber-reinforced materials under large plastic strain

Material plasticity
Martin Weber, Rainer Glüge, Holm Altenbach

11-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Numerical investigation of water droplet behavior in anode channel of a PEM fuel cell with partial blockage

Ramin Jazmi, Kazem Mohammadzadeh, Hassan Khaleghi, Reza Maddahian

09-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Semi-analytical solution for the trapped orbits of satellite near the planet in ER3BP

Sergey Ershkov, Alla Rachinskaya

06-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Dynamics of a magnetic gear with two cogging-free operation modes

Stefan Hartung, Ingo Rehberg

16-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Eshelby’s circular cylindrical inclusion with polynomial eigenstrains in transverse direction by residue theorem

X.-W. Yu, Z.-W. Wang, H. Wang, N.-Y. Leng

06-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Dynamic characteristics analysis for a quasi-zero-stiffness system coupled with mechanical disturbance

Xiaohan Zhang, Qingjie Cao, Wenhu Huang

04-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Investigation of the effects of twinning on the mechanical response of polycrystal magnesium

S. Kweon, Daniel S. Raja

09-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Dynamic fracture behavior of nanocracked graded magnetoelectroelastic solid

Petia Dineva, Yonko Stoynov, Tsviatko Rangelov

16-12-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

An electro-mechanically coupled computational multiscale formulation for electrical conductors

T. Kaiser, A. Menzel

06-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Anti-plane problem of nanocrack with surface piezoelectricity—a finite-form solution

Zhiqi Li, Wanshen Xiao, Junping Xi, Haiping Zhu

19-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Cross-section effect on mechanics of nonlocal beams

Li Li, Rongming Lin, Yujin Hu

07-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

An optimal parameter identification approach in foil bearing supported high-speed turbocharger rotor system

Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra, J. Srinivas, Romuald Rządkowski

11-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

Elastic spherical inhomogeneity in an infinite elastic solid: an exact analysis by an engineering treatment of the problem based on the corresponding cavity solution

Hans Amstutz, Michael Vormwald

24-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021 Open Access

On the role of large cross-sectional deformations in the nonlinear analysis of composite thin-walled structures

E. Carrera, A. Pagani, R. Augello

24-11-2020 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Fast inverse solver for identifying the diffusion coefficient in time-dependent problems using noisy data

Jinhui Jiang, M. Shadi Mohamed, Mohammed Seaid, Hongqiu Li

06-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Simulation of martensitic microstructures in a low-alloy steel

Marius Graf, Matthias Kuntz, Hermann Autenrieth, Felix Diewald, Ralf Müller

15-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Stability analysis of double-walled and triple-walled carbon nanotubes having local curvature

Fatma Çoban Kayıkçı, Reşat Köşker

07-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Heat transfer effects on electro-magnetohydrodynamic Carreau fluid flow between two micro-parallel plates with Darcy–Brinkman–Forchheimer medium

Muhammad Mubashir Bhatti, Lehlohonolo Phali, Chaudry Masood Khalique

04-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Study of frequency shift and thermoelastic damping in transversely isotropic nano-beam with GN III theory and two temperature

Iqbal Kaur, Parveen Lata, Kulvinder Singh

04-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

An uncoupled theory of FG nanobeams with the small size effects and its exact solutions

Y. L. Pei, L. X. Li

06-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Free vibration analysis of an aluminum beam coated with imperfect and damaged functionally graded material

E. F. Erdurcan, Y. Cunedioğlu

09-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Effect of magnetic field on the slow motion of a porous spheroid: Brinkman’s model

Krishna Prasad Madasu, Tina Bucha

04-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Analysis of static stiffness fluctuation in radially loaded ball and roller bearings

Yaoyu Han, Lihua Yang, Tengfei Xu

07-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Inverse problem analysis for nondestructive evaluation of structural characteristics of multilayered foundations

Alexander Vladimirovich Trofimov

06-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Free vibration and transient analysis of advanced composite plates using a new higher-order shear and normal deformation theory

Vuong Nguyen Van Do, Chin-Hyung Lee

07-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

Applications of adaptive stiffness suspensions to vibration control of a high-speed stiff rotor with tilting pad bearings

A. Abbasi, S. E. Khadem, Saeed Bab

07-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

High-order free vibration analysis of elastic plates with multiple cutouts

Xu Sun, Pengchong Zhang, Hong Qiao, Kun Lin

18-01-2021 | Original | Issue 4/2021

A comparative study of six fracture loci for DIN1623 St12 steel to predict strip tearing in a tandem cold rolling mill

M. Asadi, F. Haji Aboutalebi, M. Poursina

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