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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 6/2021

Issue 6/2021

Table of Contents ( 31 Articles )

06-03-2021 | Technical notes | Issue 6/2021

Free transverse vibration analysis of laminated composite beams with arbitrary number of concentrated masses

Ahmad Reza Ghasemi, Mohammad Heidari-Rarani, Bijan Heidari-Sheibani, Ali Tabatabaeian

15-04-2021 | Technical notes | Issue 6/2021

Modal parameter calculation for viscoelastic composite structures from reduced order models

Lai Wei, Sheng Li

10-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Piezoelasticity solution for edge stress field in weakly bonded piezoelectric composite laminates

N. Dhanesh, S. Kapuria

05-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

A novel quadrilateral element for analysis of functionally graded porous plates/shells reinforced by graphene platelets

Hoang Lan Ton-That, Hieu Nguyen-Van, Thanh Chau-Dinh

10-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Modelling of Stoneley wave transference at the frictional interface between ice and rock medium

Sanjeev A. Sahu, Shreeta Kumari, Kamlesh K. Pankaj

27-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

The strain characteristics and corresponding model of rock materials under uniaxial cyclic load/unload compression and their deformation and fatigue damage analysis

Chunyang Zhang, Yixian Wang, Hang Ruan, Bo Ke, Hang Lin

20-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Enhancing the performance of micro-biosensors by functionally graded geometrical and material parameters

Yasser M. Shabana, Mohamed A. Samy, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aziz, Mohamed E. Hindawi, Mohamed G. Mosry, Abdul-Rahman M. Albarawy, Mazen M. Omar, Ayman A. Mohamed, Ahmed A. Attia

21-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Nonlinear natural vibration of a circular plate in the non-uniform induced magnetic field

Yu-Da Hu, Hao-Ran Xu

20-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Modal analysis of a rotating twisted and tapered Rayleigh beam

Lokanna Hoskoti, Ajay Misra, Mahesh M. Sucheendran

08-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

Sufficient conditions for hyperbolicity and consistency of the dynamic equations for fluid-saturated solids

Vladimir A. Osinov

02-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

NARX model-based dynamic parametrical model identification of the rotor system with bolted joint

Yuqi Li, Zhong Luo, Baolong Shi, Fengxia He

23-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Vibration and thermal buckling analyses of multi-span composite lattice sandwich beams

Lanxiang Liu, Wenying Yang, Yuyang Chai, Guofu Zhai

20-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

Least-thickness symmetric circular masonry arch of maximum horizontal thrust

Giuseppe Cocchetti, Egidio Rizzi

26-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Numerical and experimental investigations into feedback control of continuous beam structures under moving loads

D. Stancioiu, H. Ouyang, J. Yang

23-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Utilization of splitting strips in fracture mechanics tests of quasi-brittle materials

Ragip Ince

03-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Modeling and dynamic analysis of the dynamic stabilization unit based on bond graph

Jiaqi Li, Lihua Wang, Bo Yan

23-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Unloading contact mechanics analysis of elastic–plastic fractal surface

Wujiu Pan, Changxuan Song, Liangyu Ling, Haoyong Qu, Minghai Wang

18-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

A diffusion–reaction–deformation coupling model for lithiation of silicon electrodes considering plastic flow at large deformation

Bao Qin, Zheng Zhong

11-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Analysis of the quality factor of micromechanical resonators using memory-dependent derivative under different models

Ravi Kumar

25-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Condensation modeling of the linear structure with nonlinear boundary conditions

Zhi-Sai Ma, Hong-Zhen Chang, Qian Ding, Wei Wang

13-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

A coupled model for a moving mass and the periodic viaduct subjected to seismic waves

Lan-Lan Chen, Jian-Fei Lu, Qing-Song Feng

24-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Multiple crossing points of Lamb wave propagating in a magneto-electro-elastic composite plate

Hamdi Ezzin, Bin Wang, Zhenghua Qian, Mohammad Arefi

30-04-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Free vibration analysis and mode management of bistable composite laminates using deep learning

S. Saberi, M. Ghayour, H. R. Mirdamadi, M. Ghamami

24-03-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

A simplified model of elastic column buckling under constant lateral force restraint

Kelin Chen, Yannis P. Korkolis

09-04-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Parametric study and stability analysis on nonlinear traveling wave vibrations of rotating thin cylindrical shells

Shupeng Sun, Lun Liu

12-04-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Analytical solutions for surface stress effects on buckling and post-buckling behavior of thin symmetric porous nano-plates resting on elastic foundation

Farhad Kamali, Farzad Shahabian

19-04-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Surface waves in nonlocal transversely isotropic liquid-saturated porous solid

Do Xuan Tung

11-04-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

On the crack-tip stress field due to the presence of isotropic dilatational inclusion: theoretical and numerical analysis

Ningkang Zhang, Xiaoping Xiang, Lifeng Ma

11-04-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Time domain phenomenological formulation for the sound generation in corrugated pipes

Viktor Hruška, Michal Bednařík

16-02-2021 | Original | Issue 6/2021

Solving procedure for the Kelvin–Kirchhoff equations in case of non-stationary rotations of slim disc

Sergey V. Ershkov, Dmytro Leshchenko, Ayrat R. Giniyatullin

13-03-2021 | Correction | Issue 6/2021

Correction to: Solving procedure for the Kelvin–Kirchhoff equations in case of non-stationary rotations of slim disc

Sergey V. Ershkov, Dmytro Leshchenko, Ayrat R. Giniyatullin

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