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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 8/2021

Issue 8/2021

Special Issue: Forming Induced Residual Stresses - Experiment, Modelling, Simulation

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

10-07-2021 | Editorial | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Forming-induced residual stresses: experiment, modeling, simulation

Markus Kästner, Wolfram Volk

03-05-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Targeted residual stress generation in single and two point incremental sheet forming (ISF)

Fawad Maqbool, Fabian Maaß, Johannes Buhl, Marlon Hahn, Ramin Hajavifard, Frank Walther, A. Erman Tekkaya, Markus Bambach

22-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Adjusting residual stresses by flexible stress superposition in incremental sheet metal forming

Fabian Maaß, Marlon Hahn, A. Erman Tekkaya

06-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Analysis and manufacturing of bistable metallic profiles

Pavlo Pavliuchenko, Gerhard Hirt, Marco Teller

13-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Impact of residual stress evoked by pyramidal embossing on the magnetic material properties of non-oriented electrical steel

Ines Gilch, Tobias Neuwirth, Benedikt Schauerte, Nora Leuning, Simon Sebold, Kay Hameyer, Michael Schulz, Wolfram Volk

08-04-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Stochastic evaluation of stress and strain distributions in duplex steel

Maximilian Krause, Thomas Böhlke

19-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Numerical characterization of residual stresses in a four-point-bending experiment of textured duplex stainless steel

S. F. Maassen, H. Erdle, S. Pulvermacher, D. Brands, T. Böhlke, J. Gibmeier, J. Schröder

25-02-2021 | Review | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Strategies for residual stress adjustment in bulk metal forming

A. Franceschi, J. Stahl, C. Kock, R. Selbmann, S. Ortmann-Ishkina, A. Jobst, M. Merklein, B. Kuhfuß, M. Bergmann, B.-A. Behrens, W. Volk, P. Groche

26-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Targeted adjustment of residual stresses in hot-formed components by means of process design based on finite element simulation

B.‐A. Behrens, K. Brunotte, H. Wester, C. Kock

02-04-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Residual stresses in hot bulk formed parts: microscopic stress analysis for austenite-to-martensite phase transformation

Sonja Uebing, Dominik Brands, Lisa Scheunemann, Jörg Schröder

27-04-2021 | Review | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Concept for controlled adjustment of residual stress states in semi-finished products by gradation extrusion

René Selbmann, Markus Baumann, Mateus Dobecki, Markus Bergmann, Verena Kräusel, Walter Reimers

04-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Development of residual stresses by infeed rotary swaging of steel tubes

Svetlana Ortmann-Ishkina, Dhia Charni, Marius Herrmann, Yang Liu, Jérémy Epp, Christian Schenck, Bernd Kuhfuss

10-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Towards an holistic account on residual stresses in full-forward extruded rods

Experiment, modeling and simulation of forming and operation phases
Dimosthenis Floros, Andreas Jobst, Andreas Kergaßner, Marion Merklein, Paul Steinmann

27-04-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Statistical analysis of the reproducibility of residual stress measurements in cold extruded parts

Fabian Jaeger, Alessandro Franceschi, Holger Hoche, Peter Groche, Matthias Oechsner

26-02-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Shear cutting induced residual stresses in involute gears and resulting tooth root bending strength of a fineblanked gear

Daniel Müller, Jens Stahl, Anian Nürnberger, Roland Golle, Thomas Tobie, Wolfram Volk, Karsten Stahl

07-06-2021 | Review | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Consideration of cyclic hardening and residual stresses in fatigue life calculations with the local strain approach

David Kühne, Boris Spak, Markus Kästner, Alexander Brosius, Melanie Fiedler

27-03-2021 | Original | Issue 8/2021 Open Access

Phase-field modelling for fatigue crack growth under laser shock peening-induced residual stresses

Martha Seiler, Sören Keller, Nikolai Kashaev, Benjamin Klusemann, Markus Kästner

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