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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 9/2021

Issue 9/2021

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-06-2021 | Technical notes | Issue 9/2021

Comparative study of the growth of single-crack and double-crack samples under tensile fatigue loads

Dejun Liu, Gan Tian, Zhengwei Yang, Guofeng Jin

11-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Development and application of rough viscoelastic contact models in the first phase of 3D manipulation for biological micro-/nanoparticles by AFM

M. H. Korayem, M. Mozafari, Y. H. Sooha, Z. Rastegar

02-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Random vibration response of composite–sandwich laminates

Rosalin Sahoo, N. Grover, B. N. Singh

27-05-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Multiscale characterization of effective thermal properties by an asymptotic homogenization method of a biosourced epoxy resin with two porosity levels

Q.-B. Nguyen, V.-H. Nguyen, A. Rios de Anda, E. Renard, S. Naili

26-05-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Dynamic characteristics of quasi-zero stiffness vibration isolation system for coupled dynamic vibration absorber

Yanqi Liu, Wen Ji, Longlong Xu, Huangsen Gu, Chunfang Song

09-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Analytical solution for static and free vibration analysis of functionally graded CNT-reinforced sandwich plates

Surya Dev Singh, Rosalin Sahoo

24-05-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Three-to-one internal resonance in a two-beam structure connected with nonlinear joints

Jin Wei, Tao Yu, Dongping Jin, Mei Liu, Yishen Tian, Dengqing Cao

26-05-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Nonlinear dynamic response and stability of a rod fastening rotor with internal damping effect

Longkai Wang, Ailun Wang, Miao Jin, Yijun Yin, Xing Heng, Pengwei Ma

26-05-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

A modified Zerilli–Armstrong model as the asymmetric visco-plastic part of a multi-mechanism model for cutting simulations

C. Cheng, R. Mahnken

09-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Asymptotic analysis and numerical solutions for the rigid body containing a viscous liquid in cavity in the presence of gyrostatic moment

W. S. Amer, A. M. Farag, I. M. Abady

03-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Bio-thermo-mechanics behavior in living viscoelastic tissue under the fractional dual-phase-lag theory

Magdy A. Ezzat

31-05-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Study thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling behaviors of saturated frozen soil based on granular solid hydrodynamics theory

Ge Zhang, Enlong Liu, Guike Zhang, Yong Chen

04-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Contact problem between a rigid punch and a functionally graded orthotropic layer resting on a Pasternak foundation

İsa Çömez, Mehmet H. Omurtag

14-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

A three-stage explicit time integration method with controllable numerical dissipation

Yi Ji, Yufeng Xing

01-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

A couple stress of peristaltic motion of Sutterby micropolar nanofluid inside a symmetric channel with a strong magnetic field and Hall currents effect

Nabil T. M. El-Dabe, Galal M. Moatimid, Mona A. A. Mohamed, Yasmeen M. Mohamed

24-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Suspension bridges under blast loads: a preliminary linearized approach

G. T. Michaltsos, D. S. Sophianopoulos

08-06-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

The transient response of hollow electrostrictive cylinder subjected to the electrical shock

Quan Jiang, Zhidong Zhou, Fengpeng Yang

31-05-2021 | Original | Issue 9/2021

Vibration suppression of a rotor system with a nonlinear MR damper

Liang Ma, Jun Wang, Chenghao Li

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