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22-10-2021 | Original

Nonlinear in-plane buckling of shallow parabolic arches with tension cables under step loads

Shallow parabolic arches have been commonly applied in engineering structures, whereas their structural behavior has not been fully investigated due to significant geometric nonlinearity. In general, a shallow parabolic arch has a tendency to …

17-10-2021 | Technical notes

Miniaturized but efficient cantilever beam vibration energy harvesters for wireless bridge health monitoring applications

Wireless transmission of sensor node signal at minimum power consumption and on-site charging of batteries is the key to the success of Wireless Structural Health Monitoring (WSHM) technology. In structures like bridges, vibration-based …

16-10-2021 | Original

Experimental verification of phononic crystal based on square arrays of cylindrical holes against seismic vibrations in full-scale systems: modeling, sensing and signal processing of seismic vibrations

In this study, phononic crystals reducing the earthquake effects will be determined and prototypes will be constructed which can give the opportunity to reduce the effects of seismic waves. Furthermore, test results will be discussed numerically …

15-10-2021 | Original

A topology optimization method and experimental verification of piezoelectric stick–slip actuator with flexure hinge mechanism

This paper presents a topology optimization method to design the piezoelectric stick–slip actuator. In particular, the vertical input displacement can be converted to the oblique displacement by the flexure hinge driving mechanism, and the …

12-10-2021 | Original

Stress–strain prediction of dual phase steels using 3D RVEs considering both interphase hardness variation and interface debonding at grain boundaries

The numerical study on the complex failure mechanism in dual phase steels is significant because of their intricate microstructure. Their mechanical behavior depends on the volume fraction of martensite/ferrite and microstructural morphology, such …

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Archive of Applied Mechanics aims to disseminate new results and methods of scientific research in the field of solid and fluid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations and control. Material modeling, fracture and damage mechanics, continuum mechanics in general, structural mechanics, biomechanics and hydrodynamics are especially emphasized. Included are related disciplines, in a form useful to engineering practice. New analytical, numerical and experimental methods suited to research in the above mentioned subjects are welcomed.
Archive of Applied Mechanics was founded as “Ingenieur-Archiv” in 1929 (Vol. 1) by R. Grammel. The title was changed to “Archive of Applied” Mechanics in 1991.

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