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Generalized spiral torsion spring energetic model

Torsional springs or coil springs are used to apply a torque and obtain a rotation of its shaft. They are usually manufactured with flat steel. Recommended maximum operating stresses in static applications are given as a percentage of tensile …

20-02-2018 | Original

Vibration of nonlinear bolted lap-jointed beams using Timoshenko theory

This paper investigates the vibrational behavior of a system which consists of two free–free Timoshenko beams interconnected by a nonlinear joint. To model the bolted lap joint interface, a combination of the linear translational spring, linear …

15-02-2018 | Original

Compressive experiment and numerical simulation of 3D carbon/carbon composite open-hole plates

Experiments and finite element analysis were carried out for the problem of open-hole sensitivity of 3D carbon/carbon composite material plates. Finite element models of the representative volume element and open-hole plates of 3D carbon/carbon …

12-02-2018 | Original

Experimental and numerical investigations of mixed-mode ductile fracture in high-density polyethylene

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is widely used in the production of fuel tanks and natural gas distribution systems, and therefore better understanding its fractural behavior under different loading conditions is essential. The present study is …

12-02-2018 | Original

New analytic method for free torsional vibration analysis of a shaft with multiple disks and elastic supports

Free torsional vibration analysis of a shaft with multiple disks and elastic supports is important in mechanical engineering. As is well known, many numerical methods have been proposed to solve the problem, but exact analytic solutions are rarely …

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