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20-09-2017 | SPECIAL

Geometrically linear continuum theory of dislocations revisited from a thermodynamical perspective

Continuum dislocation theory (CDT) allows the consideration of dislocation ensembles by introducing the dislocation density tensor. Though the kinematics of geometrically linear CDT are well established, the closure of governing field equations is …

20-09-2017 | Special

Critical stresses estimation by crystal viscoplasticity modeling of rate-dependent anisotropy of Al-rich TiAl alloys at high temperature

Determining critical stresses for different slip systems is one of the most important parts in crystal plasticity modeling of anisotropy. However, the task of finding individual critical resolved shear stress (CRSS) for every single slip system …

20-09-2017 | Original

Limit analysis formulation for frictional problems

The aim of this paper is to propose a limit analysis formulation concerning prescription of non-homogeneous velocities and unilateral conditions with friction at structures’ contact interfaces. This formulation is especially suitable for …

19-09-2017 | Special Open Access

On kinematic and self-excited rail vehicle–track interaction

The paper contains description of dynamical problems connected with the self-excitation and kinematic excitation of rail vehicle and railway track. Some phenomena are presented which may create high loads resulting in track degradation and fatigue …

16-09-2017 | Original

Frictional moving contact problem for a layer indented by a rigid cylindrical punch

In this study, frictional moving contact problem for a rigid cylindrical punch and an elastic layer is considered. The punch is subjected to concentrated normal and tangential force, and moves steadily with a constant subsonic velocity on the …

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Archive of Applied Mechanics aims to disseminate new results and methods of scientific research in the field of solid and fluid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations and control. Material modeling, fracture and damage mechanics, continuum mechanics in general, structural mechanics, biomechanics and hydrodynamics are especially emphasized. Included are related disciplines, in a form useful to engineering practice. New analytical, numerical and experimental methods suited to research in the above mentioned subjects are welcomed.
Archive of Applied Mechanics was founded as “Ingenieur-Archiv” in 1929 (Vol. 1) by R. Grammel. The title was changed to “Archive of Applied” Mechanics in 1991.

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