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17-11-2017 | Original

Coupled inverted pendulums: stabilization problem

A mathematical model of an unstable system in the form of inverted coupled pendulums is developed and simulated. Dynamics of such a system is investigated, and the stability zones are identified in the explicit form. The algorithm of stabilization …

17-11-2017 | Original

A numerical study on the nonlinear behavior of corner supported flat and curved panels

The nonlinear behavior of corner supported plates and curved shell panels is investigated here using the first-order shear deformation theory based on Marguerre’s membrane strains for shallow shells and von Kármán’s nonlinearity. The nonlinear …

08-11-2017 | Original Open Access

Elastic stress–strain analysis of an infinite cylindrical inclusion with eigenstrain

The ensemble of interstitial atoms as C attracted to a dislocation is well established as “Cottrell cloud” phenomenon. The deposition of the interstitial atoms in octahedral or tetrahedral positions in a bcc lattice may yield a remarkable internal …

07-11-2017 | Special Open Access

Model-based detection of local defects in gears

The paper is presenting a methodology for developing model-based method of gear fault diagnostics. First the simulation model of the helical gearbox is discussed allowing analysis of the phenomena taking place during teeth mating in the presence …

07-11-2017 | Original

Efficient approximate solutions for postbuckling of axially compressed orthotropic plates with rotationally restrained and free longitudinal edges

This paper presents approximate solutions for the postbuckling behavior of a plate consisting of laminated composites with symmetrical, balanced lay-up loaded in longitudinal compression. The transversal edges of the plate are simply supported …

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