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26-05-2020 | Original

Dynamic response and chaos in planar multi-link mechanism considering revolute clearances

During actual motion, there are inevitably clearances between the motion pairs of the mechanism, and the clearances will have a large impact on stability of the mechanism. Previous studies mainly focused on the dynamic response of simple …

26-05-2020 | Original

Size-dependent nonlinear dynamic modeling and vibration analysis of piezo-laminated nanomechanical resonators using perturbation method

This article investigates size-dependent nonlinear dynamic modeling and vibration analysis of nanomechanical resonators equipped with piezoelectric layers employing perturbation methods. For nonlinear dynamic modeling, the nanomechanical beam …

26-05-2020 | Original

An extended subset of nominal modes method for coated blisks with thickness mistuning of coatings and blisks

The thickness mistuning of coatings and blisks cannot be predicted before manufacturing process, and the mistuning patterns normally tend to be random, which has not been investigated in opened studies. A novel finite element model (FEM) is …

26-05-2020 | Original

Vibration analysis of coupled straight–curved beam systems with arbitrary discontinuities subjected to various harmonic forces

In this paper, a modified variational method is developed to study the free and forced vibration of coupled straight–curved beam systems with an arbitrary number of eccentric discontinuities (EDs). Based on the generalized shell theory, the …

12-05-2020 | Original

Stability analysis of rigid multibody mechanical systems with holonomic and nonholonomic constraints

In this paper, a new analytical approach suitable for the stability analysis of multibody mechanical systems is introduced in the framework of Lagrangian mechanics. The approach developed in this work is based on the direct linearization of the …

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Archive of Applied Mechanics aims to disseminate new results and methods of scientific research in the field of solid and fluid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations and control. Material modeling, fracture and damage mechanics, continuum mechanics in general, structural mechanics, biomechanics and hydrodynamics are especially emphasized. Included are related disciplines, in a form useful to engineering practice. New analytical, numerical and experimental methods suited to research in the above mentioned subjects are welcomed.
Archive of Applied Mechanics was founded as “Ingenieur-Archiv” in 1929 (Vol. 1) by R. Grammel. The title was changed to “Archive of Applied” Mechanics in 1991.

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