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18-06-2018 | Original

A novel approach to calibrate the Drucker–Prager Cap model for Al7075 powder

Determination of the parameters of modified Drucker–Prager Cap (DPC) constitutive model for Al7075 powder is investigated in this work. The parameters are normally identified by experiment which is time consuming, tedious and expensive. In this …

18-06-2018 | SPECIAL Open Access

Periodic boundary conditions for the simulation of 3D domain patterns in tetragonal ferroelectric material

Periodic domain patterns in tetragonal ferroelectrics are explored using a phase field model calibrated for barium titanate. In this context, we discuss the standard periodic boundary condition and introduce the concept of reverse periodic …

15-06-2018 | Original

A basis reduction method using proper orthogonal decomposition for lower bound shakedown analysis of composite material

In this paper, a new basis reduction method for the construction of residual stress fields being capable of reducing the computational scale of lower bound shakedown analysis of composite based on the proper orthogonal decomposition is proposed.

11-06-2018 | SPECIAL

Studying the field-controlled change of shape and elasticity of magnetic gels using particle-based simulations

Ferrogels are soft elastic materials into which magnetic particles are embedded. The resulting interplay between elastic and magnetic interactions and the materials’ response to external fields makes them promising candidates for applications such …

09-06-2018 | Original

Luffing angular response field prediction of the DACS with narrowly random payload parameters based on a modified hybrid random method

Deterministic kinematic modeling and stochastic luffing angular response field prediction of the dual automobile cranes system (DACS) are studied in this paper. For the response analysis of the DACS with deterministic information, the inverse …

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Archive of Applied Mechanics aims to disseminate new results and methods of scientific research in the field of solid and fluid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations and control. Material modeling, fracture and damage mechanics, continuum mechanics in general, structural mechanics, biomechanics and hydrodynamics are especially emphasized. Included are related disciplines, in a form useful to engineering practice. New analytical, numerical and experimental methods suited to research in the above mentioned subjects are welcomed.
Archive of Applied Mechanics was founded as “Ingenieur-Archiv” in 1929 (Vol. 1) by R. Grammel. The title was changed to “Archive of Applied” Mechanics in 1991.

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