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Information Systems Frontiers


2024 (Volume 26 | 3 Issues)

Jun 24

Issue: 3/2024

Special Issue on The Next ‘Deep’ Thing in X to Z Marketing: An Artificial Intelligence Driven Approach
Apr 24

Issue: 2/2024

Special Issue on Information Management in Times of Crisis: The Role of Mindfulness and Digital Resilience for Individuals and Organisations
Feb 24

Issue: 1/2024

Special Issue on Social Robotics Business and Computing

2023 (Volume 25 | 6 Issues)

Dec 23

Issue: 6/2023

Special Issue on Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Digital Health and Medical Analytics
Oct 23

Issue: 5/2023

Special Issue on Bright Information and Communication Technologies in the 21st Century
Aug 23

Issue: 4/2023

Special Issue on Challenges and Solutions for Adoption and Diffusion of Smart Technologies
Jun 23

Issue: 3/2023

Special Issue on Digital Transformation for a Sustainable Society in the 21st Century
Apr 23

Issue: 2/2023

Special Issue on Secure Knowledge Management and Cybersecurity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Feb 23

Issue: 1/2023

Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Systems: Perspectives to Responsible AI

2022 (Volume 24 | 6 Issues)

Aug 22

Issue: 4/2022

Special Issue on Innovative Technologies and Small-Medium Sized Enterprises in Times of Crisis
Jun 22

Issue: 3/2022

Special Issue on Designing and Managing Human-AI Interactions
Apr 22

Issue: 2/2022

Special Issue on Bright ICT: Security, Privacy and Risk Issues
Feb 22

Issue: 1/2022

Special Section on Advances on Data Management and Information Systems

2021 (Volume 23 | 6 Issues)

Dec 21

Issue: 6/2021

Special Issue on Machine Learning, AI and Big Data Methods and Findings for COVID-19
Sep 21

Issue: 5/2021

Special Issue on IT in Disaster Risk Reduction: Issues and Challenges
Aug 21

Issue: 4/2021

Special Issue on Secure Knowledge Management in the Artificial Intelligence Era
Apr 21

Issue: 2/2021

Special Section on Seeking Foundations for the Science of Cyber Security
Feb 21

Issue: 1/2021

Special Issue on Breakthroughs on Cross-Cutting Data Management, Data Analytics, and Applied Data Science

2020 (Volume 22 | 6 Issues)

Oct 20

Issue: 5/2020

Special Issue on Heuristic Acquisition for Data Science
Jun 20

Issue: 3/2020

Special Issue on Being (more) Human in a Digitized World
Apr 20

Issue: 2/2020

Special Issue on Smart Working, Living and Organising

2019 (Volume 21 | 6 Issues)

Dec 19

Issue: 6/2019

Special Issue on Cyber Security, Privacy and Ethics of Information Systems
Aug 19

Issue: 4/2019

Special Section on Data Analytics in Behavioral Research
Jun 19

Issue: 3/2019

Special Issue on Digital Nations - Smart Cities, Innovation & Sustainability
Feb 19

Issue: 1/2019

Special Issue on Recent Trends in Reuse and Integration

2018 (Volume 20 | 6 Issues)

Dec 18

Issue: 6/2018

Special Issue on Behavioral-Data Mining in Information Systems and the Big Data Era
Oct 18

Issue: 5/2018

Special Issue on Exploitation of Social Media for Emergency Relief and Preparedness: Recent Research and Trends
Aug 18

Issue: 4/2018

Special Issue on Disaster Management And Information Systems: Insights To Emerging Challenges
Jun 18

Issue: 3/2018

Special Issue on Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Apr 18

Issue: 2/2018

Special Issue on Big Data & Analytics for Societal Impact: Recent Research and Trends
Feb 18

Issue: 1/2018

Special Section on Advances in Databases and Information Systems

2017 (Volume 19 | 6 Issues)

Dec 17

Issue: 6/2017

Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in Industry
Oct 17

Issue: 5/2017

Computational Intelligence and Applications
Aug 17

Issue: 4/2017

Smart, Connected Hospitality and Tourism
Jun 17

Issue: 3/2017

Information Systems, Agency Problems, and Fraud
Apr 17

Issue: 2/2017

Driving public sector innovation using big and open linked data (BOLD).

2016 (Volume 18 | 6 Issues)

Dec 16

Issue: 6/2016

Knowledge and Competence Management: Developing Enterprise Solutions
Oct 16

Issue: 5/2016

Foundations of Reuse
Aug 16

Issue: 4/2016

Special Section on Web of things
Jun 16

Issue: 3/2016

Emerging service orientations and transformations (SOT)
Apr 16

Issue: 2/2016

Special Section on Big data and analytics in healthcare
Feb 16

Issue: 1/2016

Special Issue on Collaboration technology in teams and organizations

2015 (Volume 17 | 6 Issues)

Dec 15

Issue: 6/2015

Special Section on Business Process Analytics
Oct 15

Issue: 5/2015

Advances in secure knowledge management in the big data era
Aug 15

Issue: 4/2015

Special Issue on Agreement Technologies
Jun 15

Issue: 3/2015

Special section on the role of information technology in service delivery
Apr 15

Issue: 2/2015

Special Issue on Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications
Feb 15

Issue: 1/2015

Special Issue on IS/IT Success and Failure

2014 (Volume 16 | 5 Issues)

Nov 14

Issue: 5/2014

Special Issue on Information Reuse, Integration, and Reusable Systems
Jul 14

Issue: 3/2014

A special section in memory of Paul Gray (1930-2012). The application of “futures research” to MIS
Apr 14

Issue: 2/2014

Advances in infrastructures and tools for multiagent systems
Mar 14

Issue: 1/2014

Dynamic intelligence towards merging cloud and communication services

2013 (Volume 15 | 5 Issues)

Nov 13

Issue: 5/2013

Green information systems & technologies – this generation and beyond
Sep 13

Issue: 4/2013

Information and Knowledge Management in Online Rich Presence Services
Jul 13

Issue: 3/2013

Business Intelligence and the Web
Apr 13

Issue: 2/2013

Special Issue on Semantic Information Management
Mar 13

Issue: 1/2013

Special Section on Security Management and Technologies for Protecting Against Internal Data Leakages

2012 (Volume 14 | 5 Issues)

Sep 12

Issue: 4/2012

Intelligent Grid and Cloud Computing
Jul 12

Issue: 3/2012

Ubiquitous Multimedia Services
Apr 12

Issue: 2/2012

Governance, Risk and Compliance in Information Systems
Mar 12

Issue: 1/2012

eHealth System Interoperability

2011 (Volume 13 | 5 Issues)

Nov 11

Issue: 5/2011

Knowledge work and communication challenges in networked enterprises
Jul 11

Issue: 3/2011

Global IT and IT-enabled services
Apr 11

Issue: 2/2011

Special Issue: Emerging Social and Legal Aspects
Mar 11

Issue: 1/2011

Special Issue on Terrorism Informatics

2010 (Volume 12 | 5 Issues)

Sep 10

Issue: 4/2010

Special Issue on Ethics and Information Systems, Guest Editors: Maria Carla Calzarossa, Ivo De Lotto & Simon Rogerson
Jul 10

Issue: 3/2010

Special Issue on Technology Acceptance, Usage, and Competitive Advantage, Guest Editors: Devaki Rau, Thorvald Haerem, Gautam Ray & Wei Zheng
Mar 10

Issue: 1/2010

Special Issue on Advances in Multi-Agency Disaster Management, Guest Editors: Marijn Janssen, JinKyu Lee, Nitesh Bharosa & Anthony Cresswell

2009 (Volume 11 | 5 Issues)

Nov 09

Issue: 5/2009

Special Issue on Intelligent Systems and Smart Home, Guest Editors: Jong Hyuk Park, Ching-Hsien Hsu & Hamid R. Arabnia
Sep 09

Issue: 4/2009

Special Issue on Knowledge Discovery and Management in Biomedical Information Systems, Guest Editors: Ying Liu, Lawrence Wing-Chi Chan, Chi-Ren Shyu, and Ying Liu
Jul 09

Issue: 3/2009

Special Issue on: Collaborative Business Process, Guest Editors: Chengfei Liu, Qing Li, and Xiaohui Zhao
Apr 09

Issue: 2/2009

Special Issue on: Information and Communications Technology for Development; Guest Editors: Balaji Parthasarathy and Krithi Ramamritham
Mar 09

Issue: 1/2009

Special Issue on: Ambient Intelligence, Guest Editors: Satyen Mukherjee, Emile Aarts, and Terry Doyle

2008 (Volume 10 | 5 Issues)

Nov 08

Issue: 5/2008

Special Issue on Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Guest Editors: Ling Li, Ricardo Valerdi, John N. Warfield
Sep 08

Issue: 4/2008

Special Issue on Adoption and Use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Residential/Household Context, Guest Editors: Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Michael D. Williams and Viswanath Venkatesh
Jul 08

Issue: 3/2008

Special Issue on Decision Models for Information Systems Management, Guest Editors: Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson and Ojelanki Ngwenyama
Apr 08

Issue: 2/2008

Special Issue on Information Systems (IS) Sourcing, Guest Editors: Rudy Hirschheim, Jens Dibbern and Armin Heinzl

2007 (Volume 9 | 4 Issues)

Nov 07

Issue: 5/2007

Special Issue on Secure Knowledge Management, Guest Editors: Nasir Memon and Thomas Daniels

2006 (Volume 8 | 5 Issues)

Dec 06

Issue: 5/2006

Economic Aspects of Information Security
Sep 06

Issue: 4/2006

Special Issue: Web and Distributed Information Systems. Guest Editors: Muhammed Younas, Kuo-Ming Chao and Ying Huang

2005 (Volume 7 | 4 Issues)

May 05

Issue: 2/2005

Special Issue: Mobile Computing and Communications: Systems, Models and Applications