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Ocular recognition databases and competitions: a survey

The use of the iris and periocular region as biometric traits has been extensively investigated, mainly due to the singularity of the iris features and the use of the periocular region when the image resolution is not sufficient to extract iris …

05-06-2021 Open Access

Approximate reasoning with fuzzy rule interpolation: background and recent advances

Approximate reasoning systems facilitate fuzzy inference through activating fuzzy if–then rules in which attribute values are imprecisely described. Fuzzy rule interpolation (FRI) supports such reasoning with sparse rule bases where certain …


A new interval type-2 trapezoid fuzzy multi-attribute group decision-making method and its application to the evaluation of sponge city construction

The concept of sponge city receives more and more attention by Chinese government, and the evaluation of sponge city construction is an important aspect. To cope with the complexity and uncertainty of the evaluation process, this paper adopts …


An extended hesitant fuzzy set using SWARA-MULTIMOORA approach to adapt online education for the control of the pandemic spread of COVID-19 in higher education institutions

The world has been challenged since late 2019 by COVID-19. Higher education institutions have faced various challenges in adapting online education to control the pandemic spread of COVID-19. The present study aims to conduct a survey study …


A comprehensive survey of sine cosine algorithm: variants and applications

Sine Cosine Algorithm (SCA) is a recent meta-heuristic algorithm inspired by the proprieties of trigonometric sine and cosine functions. Since its introduction by Mirjalili in 2016, SCA has attracted great attention from researchers and has been …

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