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09-09-2019 | Original Article

Neural network-based construction of inverse kinematics model for serial redundant manipulators

Solving the inverse kinematics of redundant manipulators is difficult, because knowledge of the manipulators and their evaluation functions is required. To solve this problem, we propose a novel method of enabling a neural network model to learn …

20-08-2019 | Original Article

Spike-timing-dependent plasticity model for low-frequency pulse waveform

The authors are studying pulse-type hardware neural networks (P-HNN) for generating the driving waveform of the robot. The P-HNN generates a driving waveform by the oscillatory pulse waveform. Oscillating frequency depends on the time constant of …

19-08-2019 | Original Article

A modified cascaded neuro-computational model applied to recognition of connected spoken Japanese prefecture words

In this paper, a novel approach of connected spoken word recognition is proposed, based only on a relatively simple artificial neural network model. The model used is a modified version of the previously proposed cascaded neuro-computational model …

19-08-2019 | Original Article

Effects of individual and social learning on the evolution of co-creative linguistic communication

The effects of learning have been regarded as important factors of the evolutionary process of human linguistic abilities. Our purpose is, by use of computer simulations, to examine the effects of individual and social learning on the evolution of …

24-07-2019 | Original Article

Analysis of push-forward model for swarm-like collective motions

A system that operates as a whole through interactions between its constituent individuals, each of which operates autonomously, is called an autonomous decentralized system. This type of system is increasingly attracting attention in the fields …

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