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Asian Journal of Business Ethics

Asian Journal of Business Ethics 1-2/2016

Issue 1-2/2016

Special issue on Inclusive Development and Responsible Business in India

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Board gender diversity and firm performance: evidence from India

Neeti Khetarpal Sanan

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Corporate reputation

A study on Ethical Corporate Governance and corporate social responsibility with reference to public and private sectors in India
Cherukupalli J. Usha Rani, Sunanda Gundavajhala

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Labour standards in global value chains in India: the case of handknotted carpet manufacturing cluster

Amit K. Giri, S. P. Singh

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Ethics, profession, and rational choice

Ananda Das Gupta

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Examining the possibility of achieving inclusive growth in India through corporate social responsibility

Upali Arijita Biswas, Suresh Garg, Archana Singh

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Assuming corporate responsibilities in lawless situations: case study of a news media organization

Kunal Kamal Kumar, Sushanta Kumar Mishra

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Responsibility, ethics, and leadership: an Indian study

Damini Saini, Sunita Singh Sengupta

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Community engagement models in real estate—a case study of Tata Housing Development Company Limited

Nayan Mitra

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Responsible leadership: learning from Indian case studies

Venugopal Pingali

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Role of corporate governance on firm performance: a study on large Indian corporations after implementation of Companies’ Act 2013

Arindam Das, Sourav Dey

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Key drivers endorsing CSR: a transition from economic to holistic approach

Anupam Sharma

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

A study on environmental sustainability practices of star hotels in Bangalore

J. Shanti

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

The business value of ESG performance: the Indian context

Hemlata Chelawat, Indra Vardhan Trivedi

01-09-2016 | Issue 1-2/2016

Sustainable livelihoods, volunteerism and education

Ananya S. Guha

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