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Asian Journal of Business Ethics 1/2015
Asian Journal of Business Ethics

Issue 1/2015

Special issue: The 5th World Business Ethics Forum


Table of Contents (6 Articles)

01-09-2015 | Special Issue Paper

Thinking social media from ethical viewpoint
Joji Nakaya

01-09-2015 | Special Issue Paper

Integrating codes of ethics in Hong Kong construction organizations—practitioners’ perspective
Olugbenga Timo Oladinrin, Christabel Man-Fong Ho

01-09-2015 | Special Issue Paper

The impact of national culture on corporate social responsibility: evidence from cross-regional comparison
Namporn Thanetsunthorn

01-09-2015 | Special Issue Paper

Abuse in the name of injustice: mechanisms of moral disengagement
Raymond Loi, Angela J. Xu, Yan Liu

01-09-2015 | Special Issue Paper

Developing civic-mindedness in undergraduate business students through service-learning projects for civic engagement and service leadership practices for civic improvement
Robin Stanley Snell, Maureen Yin Lee Chan, Carol Hok Ka Ma, Carman Ka Man Chan

01-09-2015 | Special Issue Paper

Can customer loyalty be explained by virtue ethics? The Chinese way
Kenneth K. Kwong, Felix Tang, Vane-ing Tian, Alex L. K. Fung

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