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Issue 5/2024

Content (14 Articles)


Worldwide Cuba Libre

Frank Jung

In the Spotlight

The Automotive Industry in Turkey

Andreas Burkert

Cover Story

Using AI in Everyday Development

Frank Jung

Cover Story

AI-based Methodology for the Calibration of Anti-jerk Control on Electric Drives

Tobias Roulet, Matthias Bach, Maurice Hauß, Matteo Skull

Cover Story

Hybrid Approach to an Efficient Simulation of Vehicle Soiling

Kevin Posch, Severin Stadler, Michael Mandl, Nicola Di Nardo


Innovative Training Methods in Automotive Engineering Using Virtual Reality

Wilhelm Hannibal, Mark Fiolka, Robin Otto


Lifetime Simulation for Aging Processes of Lithium-ion Batteries

Dominik Thien, Mohammadali Mirsalehian, Rüdiger Beykirch


Sustainable, Urban, and Modular Vehicle - From Concept to Prototype

Hugo Gabele, Gerhard Kopp, Fabian Schmid, Torben Ossendorf


Dynamic Model of Situation Awareness During Automated Driving

Mark Eilers, Fei Yan, Dietrich Manstetten, Martin Baumann

Guest Commentary

Time for Charging? Right and Wrong Signals

Achim Kampker

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