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Issue 6/2022

Content (15 Articles)


From Oil to Iron

Michael Reichenbach

Cover Story

Mediator between Software and Safety

Frank Jung

Cover Story

The Rules of Engagement for Partially Automated Driving

Robert Fuchs, Yuuta Sakai, Tsutomu Tamura, Jochen Linnhoff

Cover Story

"We are on the right track to the dry brake system"

Michael Reichenbach

Cover Story

Potentials of Road Condition Estimation for More Safety in Driving Functions

Tim Ahrenhold, Jannes Iatropoulos, Roman Henze, Martin Winkler




Optimizing and De-risking the Selection of Electric Drives

Chris Norton, Bence Falvy


Chassis Functions for Highly Automated Driving and their Verification

Marcus Perner, Martin Gebhardt, Nick Weinhold


Charging Infrastructure for Electric Cars - The Right Distribution of Charging Points

Björn Schaubel, Constantin Wirschke, Maximilian Ebner


The Hamburg Concept Car 21 - A Study on the Interior Experience in a Fully Automated Vehicle

Johannes Soldan, Roland Griebel, Dirk Adamski, Jan Friedhoff

Guest Commentary

Validating Software-defined Vehicles

Tino Schulze

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