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ATZ worldwide 7-8/2022
ATZ worldwide

Issue 7-8/2022


Table of Contents (14 Articles)

01-07-2022 | Editorial

Kennedy and Moeller
Michael Reichenbach

01-07-2022 | News

People + Companies

01-07-2022 | In the Spotlight

How Semiconductor Devices Impact ADAS Advances
Matthias Laasch

01-07-2022 | Cover Story

Developing Quiet Hybrid and Electric Cars
Frank Jung

01-07-2022 | Cover Story

NVH Development of Electric Powertrains - Implementation from a Vehicle Perspective
Christoph Steffens, Michael Kauth, Hrishikesh Suresh

01-07-2022 | Cover Story

"The best performance with the smallest possible volume"
Frank Jung

01-07-2022 | Cover Story

Substructuring Simulation for Noise Isolation of Electric Climate Compressors
Michael Häußler, Thorsten Bartosch, Eric Pasma, Tamino Eggner

01-07-2022 | News


01-07-2022 | Development

Drivability and Acoustics of Electric Motorcycles as the Main Criteria for Satisfied Customers
Christian Landerl, Christian Hubmann, Bernhard Graf, Patrick Falk

01-07-2022 | Development

Parametrizing an Attention-guiding Seating Concept for Conditionally Automated Driving
Steffen Jochum, Lotte Saupp, Yannick Ostad, Lutz Eckstein

01-07-2022 | Development

Concept Kit for Electric Cars with Different Car Body Structures
Udo Müller, Bernd Engel, Stefan Kurtenbach, Eduard Haberkorn

01-07-2022 | News

Leading the Way for Safe Autonomous Driving - the "VDA-Leitinitiative"

01-07-2022 | Research

Assurance Methodology for In-vehicle AI
Frédérik Blank, Fabian Hüger, Michael Mock, Thomas Stauner

01-07-2022 | Guest Commentary

Software-defined Vehicles Need a New Cloud Partner System
Thomas Müller

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