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ATZ worldwide 9/2021
ATZ worldwide

Issue 9/2021


Table of Contents (16 Articles)

01-09-2021 | Editorial

In Partnership
Michael Reichenbach

01-09-2021 | News

People + Companies

01-09-2021 | In the Spotlight

Battery Raw Materials - Where from and Where to?
Richard Backhaus

01-09-2021 | Cover Story

From People Movers to Biohybrids
Frank Jung

01-09-2021 | Cover Story

An Innovative Sports Device and Lightweight Vehicle
Lars Piekenbrinck, Andrej Oberdörfer, Mohamad Ali Daher, Lutz Eckstein

01-09-2021 | Cover Story

"In 2025 we will see the industrial use of autonomous CityBots"
Frank Jung

01-09-2021 | Cover Story

One Technology, Two Use Cases for Smart Mobility and Logistics
Ferhat Metin, Onur Evirgen, Selim Yannier, Murat Demirci

01-09-2021 | News


01-09-2021 | Development

Virtual Testing of Software Stacks for Automated Vehicles
Martin Herrmann

01-09-2021 | Development

Camera Monitor Systems as a Replacement for Outside Rearview Mirrors
Philipp Hoffmann, Anestis Terzis, Günter Bauer

01-09-2021 | Development

Modular Systems for Sustainable Electrified Powertrains
Erik Schneider, René Kockisch, Michael Clauß, Volker Ambrosius

01-09-2021 | Development

Optimized Integration of Function and Process Development of Large-series High-voltage Batteries
Georg von Falck, Hubert Thum, Martin Weinzerl, Wenzel Prochazka

01-09-2021 | News

Collaborative Research for the Mobility of the Future - The FAT

01-09-2021 | Research

Stochastic Simulation of the Fracture Behavior of Windshields in a Headform Impact
Stefan Kolling, Jens Schneider, Robert Schilling, Mark Gevers

01-09-2021 | Conference Report

Virtual Development and Virtual Conference - 12th plus 2021
Michael Reichenbach

01-09-2021 | Guest Commentary

Expanding Our Partnerships with Africa
Hildegard Müller

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