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Issue 5/2022

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Robert Unseld

Cover Story

Optimizing Power Paths

Alexander Heintzel

Cover Story

High Voltage Box for Electrified Vehicles

Philippe Boissiere, Martin Glötzl, Markus Hackelsperger, Karim Boukhris

Cover Story

Electromagnetic Compatibility in Motor Vehicles

Uwe Reinhardt, David Hamann, Oliver Döring

The Hansen Report

The Hansen Report

Paul Hansen

The Hansen Report

On Automotive Electronics

The Hansen Report

People + Companies

The Hansen Report


The Hansen Report

Interplay of All Drive Types

Christian Beidl, Alexander Heintzel


Development of Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Using Vehicle-in-the-Loop

Fabian Specka, Natalya Ahn, Martin Sevenich, Sebastian Strunck

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