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Issue Special Issue 1/2022

Content (11 Articles)


"Consistent digitization is the key"

Andreas Burkert

Charging Infrastructure

Harmonizing Charging Processes for Electric Vehicles

Dirk Braun

Charging Infrastructure

Use of Flexibilities through Grid-serving Charging Strategies

Carolin Daam, Jakob Gemassmer

Charging Infrastructure

Infrastructure Cost Reduction for Inductive Charging through Onboard Control

Andreas Viehmann, Benjamin Koschke, Jochen Rohm, Jörg Hölig

Charging Technology

Electrochemical Battery Simulation - Conflict between Fast-charging and Aging

Jürgen Schneider, Johann C. Wurzenberger, Jan Richter, Michael Schönleber

Drive Systems

Methodically to Robust and Sustainable Powertrain Systems

Christoph Danzer, Tobias Voigt, Manfred Prüger, Marc Sens

Guest Commentary

Thinking in Terms of Larger Systems

Hans-Christian Reuss

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