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Issue Special Issue 11/2016

Content (11 Articles)


Rethinking Fuels

Johannes Liebl

Future Fuels

Testing of Modern Lubricants and Additivated Fuels

Vittorio Cappello, Hans Peter Gigerl, Siegfried Lösch

Future Fuels

Potential of the Synthetic Fuel OME1b for the Soot-free Diesel Engine

Alexander Feiling, Markus Münz, C. Beidl

Future Fuels

Commercialization of Low Carbon Methanol

Christian Bergins, Esther Laura Fox, K. C. Tran, Paul Wuebben

Future Fuels

Potentials of Biofuels for Passenger Car and Non-road Applications

Benjamin Stengel, Evelyn Flügge, Volker Wichmann, Horst Harndorf

Future Fuels

Tailor-made Fuels for Highly Boosted Gasoline Engines

Fabian Hoppe, Matthias Thewes, Florian Kremer, Stefan Pischinger

Future Fuels

Alternative Fuels in the Well-to-Wheel Debate

Kurt Kirsten, Jens Hadler, Patrick Schmidt, Werner Weindorf

Future Lubricants

Base Oil Aging with Contemporary Biofuels

Markus Knorr, Anja Singer, Jürgen Krahl

Guest Commentary

Future Mobility: Physics Will Show the Way

Wolfgang Maus

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