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Issue Special Issue 2/2018

Content (9 Articles)


Increasing Complexity

Markus Bereszewski

Automotive Acoustics

Battery Electric Vehicles What is the Future of the NVH Package?

Davide Caprioli, Leonardo Ferrali, Marco Cardillo

Automotive Acoustics

Simulation and Validation of Inverter-related NVH Issues in Electric Vehicle Drives

Mehdi Mehrgou, Inigo Garcia de Madinabeitia, Jorge Garmendia

Automotive Acoustics

Focus on Noise Quality The Development Process of Propulsion Systems

Christoph Steffens, Klaus Wolff

Automotive Acoustics

A Fast and Versatile Approach for Wind Noise Simulation

Alexis Talbot, Felix Bissardella, Nicola Di Nardo

Automotive Acoustics

Prediction of Steering Gear Vibro-acoustics through Virtual Integration into the Vehicle

Andreas Scholz, Polina Marinova, Nils Schmidt, Dirk Vieker

Automotive Acoustics

Investigation of NVH Phenomena at Electric Vehicles

Jakob Putner, Dejan Arsić

Guest Commentary

The Evolution of Pass-by Noise Regulation

Davide Caprioli

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