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24-03-2017 | Automotive Electronics + Software | News | Article

Osram’s Infrared LED Optimises Licence Plate Recognition

Osram has developed a new infrared LED with a wavelength of 810 nanometres. It is intended to improve the contrast in camera images to simplify licence plate identification, for example.

23-03-2017 | Automotive Electronics + Software | News | Article

Volkswagen Trials Quantum Computers

Quantum computers will be the supercomputers of the future. Volkswagen is trialling the use of such computers to solve real-world problems.

22-03-2017 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

The Arteon Expands the Volkswagen Model Range Upwards

After the Passat CC and the Phaeton, Volkswagen again plans to position a model above the Passat and has introduced the Arteon. This model also uses a new generation of assistance systems.

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