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16-08-2017 | Commercial Vehicles | News | Article

Siemens Builds Test Route with Overhead Line for Trucks in Hesse, Germany

Hybrid trucks are set to operate on a ten-kilometre stretch of highway with an overhead contact line from the end of 2018. Siemens had already unveiled the concept known as the "eHighway" in 2012.

11-08-2017 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

BMW is Making its Production Flexible for Electrification

BMW intends to expand its range of models with electric drives and should react more quickly to market demands in future by making its production flexible.

10-08-2017 | Engine Technology | News | Article

Mazda Unveils Petrol Engine with Homogeneous Compression Ignition

Mazda has presented the world’s first commercial engine to use homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) in cars. The petrol engine, dubbed “Skyactiv-X”, is set to debut in 2019.

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