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22-03-2018 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

BMW and Sila Nano work on New Lithium-Ion Batteries

The BMW Group and battery producer Sila Nanotechnologies are partnering to advance the production of next-generation electric vehicles. 

21-03-2018 | Emissions | News | Article

Brexit May Affect European Climate Targets

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association has warned that if the second largest car market in the EU, the British market, soon no longer counts as being part of the EU, CO2 targets may not be reached by 2021.

16-03-2018 | Commercial Vehicles | News | Article

Webasto and Samsung to Develop Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Webasto and Samsung SDI have announced their cooperation. A corresponding letter of intent provides for the production of high-voltage batteries for the commercial vehicle sector. 

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