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ATZheavy duty worldwide 1/2021
ATZheavy duty worldwide

Issue 1/2021


Table of Contents (13 Articles)

01-03-2021 | Editorial

I Make the World as I Like …
Alexander Heintzel

01-03-2021 | News

People + Companies

01-03-2021 | Cover Story

Electric Solutions
Andreas Fuchs

01-03-2021 | Cover Story

100 % Electric - Central Drive for Compact Construction and Agricultural Machinery
Migen Bebeti, Norbert Feuchtner, Martin Klaffenböck

01-03-2021 | Interview

"We want to avoid bridging technologies wherever possible"
Andreas Fuchs

01-03-2021 | Cover Story

CNG Range Extender for an Electrically Driven Garbage Collection Vehicle
Oliver Dingel, Matthias Mayrock, Christian Peteranderl

01-03-2021 | News


01-03-2021 | Development

Engine Braking with Lashless Valve Trains
Peter J. Jo, John Mandell, Hilko Schmitt, Gabriel Roberts

01-03-2021 | Development

Off-highway Electronics - Increased Safety and Cost Reduction
Arno Purkrabek

01-03-2021 | Development

Optimized Fuel Cell Drive for Long-haul Trucks
Johannes Linderl, Johannes Mayr, Matthias Hütter, Rolf Döbereiner

01-03-2021 | Development

Avoiding Internal Injector Deposits by Using Biodiesel
Ulrike Schümann, Silvia Berndt, Richard Wicht, Bert Buchholz

01-03-2021 | Research

Dependable Autonomous Commercial Vehicles
Rasmus Adler, Jan Reich, Cem Kaypmaz

01-03-2021 | Guest Commentary

Hydrogen as a Platform Technology
Dietmar Goericke

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