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ATZheavy duty worldwide 1/2022
ATZheavy duty worldwide

Issue 1/2022


Table of Contents (13 Articles)

01-03-2022 | Editorial

Signs and Miracles
Alexander Heintzel

01-03-2022 | On our own

Scientific Advisory Board

01-03-2022 | Cover Story

Improving Driving Comfort and Efficiency
Andreas Fuchs

01-03-2022 | Cover Story

Practical Tractor Driving Cycles for Determining Real Emissions
Johannes Ettl, Peter Emberger, Klaus Thuneke, Edgar Remmele

01-03-2022 | Cover Story

"We want to make our agricultural machinery more intelligent in the field"
Andreas Fuchs

01-03-2022 | Cover Story

Modular Suspension System for Tractors
Philipp Janoschek, Thorsten Hillesheim

01-03-2022 | News


01-03-2022 | Development

Optimized Operating Strategies for Fuel Cell Trucks
Johannes Pell, Christoph Schörghuber, Sabine Pretsch, Heimo Schreier

01-03-2022 | Development

Fuel Cell Control for Heavy-duty Applications
Ralf Wiesner, Stefan Klöckner, Alexander Fischer

01-03-2022 | Development

High-energy Battery Systems for Commercial Vehicles
Gerardo Gimeno

01-03-2022 | Development

Nearly-Zero Emissions Diesel Engines as a Solution for the Urban Work Machine
Markus Ehrly, Stefano Ghetti, Theodoros Kossioris, Joschka Schaub

01-03-2022 | Research

Stress-adaptive User Interface for the Networked Agriculture
Steffen Metzger, Patrick Lehr, Marcus Geimer

01-03-2022 | Guest Commentary

How Much Lightweight Design Does Agricultural Technology Need?
Thomas Herlitzius

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