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ATZheavy duty worldwide 2/2020
ATZheavy duty worldwide

Issue 2/2020


Table of Contents (14 Articles)

01-06-2020 | Editorial

Breaking New Ground
Andreas Fuchs

01-06-2020 | News

People + Companies

01-06-2020 | Cover Story

User-centric Design
Andreas Fuchs

01-06-2020 | Cover Story

New Fields of Vision through Removable Wi-Fi Camera
Thomas Smits

01-06-2020 | Interview

"Agricultural technology is system-relevant, worldwide"
Andreas Burkert

01-06-2020 | Cover Story

Managing Complexity - Adaptive Control Armrest
Andreas Kaufmann, Timo Schempp, Ingmar Stöhr, Markus Schmid, Thomas Maier

01-06-2020 | News


01-06-2020 | Development

Engine Adaptation from Diesel to H2 HP-EGR Lean Combustion Concept
Daniel Koch, Thomas Ebert, Alvaro Sousa

01-06-2020 | Development

Hydraulic Accumulator Increases Driving Comfort and Safety for Forklift Trucks
Thorsten Hillesheim

01-06-2020 | Development

Digital Ecosystem Nevonex for Smart Agriculture
Micha Münzenmay, Mouham Tanimou, Hendrik Kurre

01-06-2020 | Development

Tractor Assistance Systems Using Machine Learning
Johannes Riedl, Daniel Puckmayr, Dominik Brunner

01-06-2020 | Development

Deposit Forming Tendency of Diesel Fuels in Injectors
Ulrike Schümann, Silvia Berndt, Sebastian Cepelak, Bert Buchholz

01-06-2020 | Research

Availability Increase of Mobile Machinery through Condition Prognosis
Christian Habermehl, Georg Jacobs, Stephan Neumann, Benjamin Lehmann

01-06-2020 | Guest Commentary

40 % Less Fuel - Thanks to Cool Heads Instead of a Heavy Foot on the Accelerator
Bernd Scherer

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