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ATZheavy duty worldwide 3/2020
ATZheavy duty worldwide

Issue 3/2020


Table of Contents (13 Articles)

01-09-2020 | Editorial

Crystal Ball
Andreas Fuchs

01-09-2020 | News

People + Companies

01-09-2020 | Cover Story

Electrification on the Rise
Andreas Fuchs

01-09-2020 | Cover Story

Distributed Battery Systems for Fully Electric Heavy-duty Trucks
Funda Seyitoglu, Kerem Eren, Fabian Luttenberger, Paul Schiffbaenker

01-09-2020 | Interview

"The electrification of heavy-duty traffic must be actively promoted"
Andreas Fuchs

01-09-2020 | Cover Story

48-V Mild Hybrid System for Commercial Vehicles
Markus Lampalzer, Michael Lechner

01-09-2020 | News


01-09-2020 | Development

Spin-on Filter Concept for Future Engine and Vehicle Generations
Pius Trautmann, Martin Postel, Michael Stehmeier

01-09-2020 | Development

Powertrain Concepts for Heavy-duty Applications to Meet 2030 CO2 Regulations
Stefan Pischinger, Joschka Schaub, Ferenc Aubeck, Dieter van der Put

01-09-2020 | Development

Further Development of Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery
Hannes Marlok, Michael Bucher, Nicolas Ferrand

01-09-2020 | Development

Highly Efficient Emissions Aftertreatment Systems for Low-emission Combustion Engines
Christoph Menne, Klaus Schrewe, Bernd Maurer, Simon Steigert

01-09-2020 | Research

High-voltage Energy Storage in Lightweight Design for Electrified Semi-trailers
Saskia Nina Biehl, Artur Schönemann, Tobias Melz, Rüdiger Heim

01-09-2020 | Guest Commentary

Crisis as Opportunity
Christian Sulser

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