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ATZheavy duty worldwide 3/2022
ATZheavy duty worldwide

Issue 3/2022


Table of Contents (12 Articles)

01-09-2022 | Editorial

Lack of Competence
Alexander Heintzel

01-09-2022 | Cover Story

Components for Electrification
Andreas Fuchs

01-09-2022 | Cover Story

Modular Component Kit for the Electrification of Conventional Commercial Vehicles
Utz-Jens Beister, Jens Granel, Günter Reimer

01-09-2022 | Cover Story

Brushless DC Drives for Auxiliary Units of Electric Commercial Vehicles
Gaël Andrieux, Philippe Nicolas, Johannes Kuhn

01-09-2022 | Cover Story

Power Take-off System for Electric Commercial Vehicles
Peter Prystupa, Sebastian Bindig, André Ehrsam, Joachim Lindner

01-09-2022 | News


01-09-2022 | Development

H2 Injection System for Heavy-duty Applications
Richard Pirkl, Dennis Herrmann, Lydia Kapusta, Mario D’Onofrio

01-09-2022 | Development

Increasing Heavy Machine Efficiency Using Simulation
Gaétan Bouzard

01-09-2022 | Development

Electric Heater for Rapid Heating of the Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment System
Bernd Lindemann, Klaus Schrewe, Simon Steigert

01-09-2022 | Development

Resource-friendly Spin-on Filter for Heavy-duty Applications
Felix Volbers, Daniel Baumhöver, Mike Zacharzewski

01-09-2022 | Research

Renewable Drop-in Fuels for Heavy-duty Transport
Kai Deppenkemper, Jaykumar Yadav, Nora Klein, Benedikt Heuser

01-09-2022 | Guest Commentary

Electric Truck on the Road to Breakthrough
Alexander Krug

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