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20-04-2018 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Article

Driver Assistance on the Path to Autonomous Driving

After hosting the Ehrlich Brothers magic duo on Sunday, Wiesbaden today provides the venue for experts to discuss the latest developments in automated driving at the 4th International ATZ Conference on Automated Driving. 

18-04-2018 | Materials | News | Article

Aptiv Finds Alternative to Copper Cable

Wiring systems are lighter using aluminium cables. This is made possible by a special coating of the connection systems that Aptiv has now introduced.  

13-04-2018 | Mobility Concepts | News | Article

The Schaeffler Mover Combines Drive and Chassis in One Module

With the Mover concept, Schaeffler is showcasing a technical platform for a highly automated vehicle for city traffic. The drive and chassis are combined in a module, saving space. 

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