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29-07-2021 | Automated Driving | News | Article

Continental Integrates Long-range Lidar from AEye

Patrick Schäfer
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Long-range lidar from AEye will enhance Continental’s integrated platform for automated driving. The full-stack solution with lidar, camera and radar technology is scheduled to go into series production in 2024. 

Continental has unveiled a complete solution for automated and autonomous driving applications from Level 2+ to Level 4. For this, the AEye long-range lidar was integrated into the full sensor stack solution. Continental had announced a minority stake in AEye in 2020. The lidar technology complements the radar, camera and ultrasound applications in Continental's sensor system, enabling a reliable and redundant platform for automated driving.

Continental is currently working to industrialize the lidar technology from its partner AEye, and the first samples of the new HRL131 long-range lidar have already been produced at Continental’s Ingolstadt (Germany) plant. “Our partnership with AEye is unique because it enables Continental to develop a new long-range lidar based on AEye’s reference architecture and software in a very short time,” says Dr. Gunnar Jürgens, Head of Lidar at Continental. Preparations for the start of series production in 2024 are already underway.

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