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Automatic Control and Computer Sciences

Automatic Control and Computer Sciences 5/2012

Issue 5/2012

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-09-2012 | Issue 5/2012

Fuzzy automaton finite state recognition

D. V. Speransky

01-09-2012 | Issue 5/2012

Investigation of simulation-based verification methods for descriptions with functional indeterminacy

D. Ya. Novikov, L. D. Cheremisinova

01-09-2012 | Issue 5/2012

The base model of role-based access control and the “cost-risk” criterion of data processing

M. V. Shakhanova

01-09-2012 | Issue 5/2012

An algebraic method for synthesizing fast algorithms of discrete cosine transform of arbitrary size

M. I. Vashkevich, A. A. Petrovsky

01-09-2012 | Issue 5/2012

A two-stage method for building classifiers

A. Lorencs, Yu. Sinitsa-Sinyavskis

01-09-2012 | Issue 5/2012

Data positioning as an instrument of constructive data compression

N. K. Kasumov

01-09-2012 | Issue 5/2012

The adaptive “up-and-down” method with a variable step

V. Karklinsh

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