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Automatic Control and Computer Sciences

Issue 8/2022

Content (26 Articles)

Botnet Attack Detection Approach in IoT Networks

T. M. Tatarnikova, I. A. Sikarev, P. Yu. Bogdanov, T. V. Timochkina

Trust Evaluation Problems in Big Data Analytics

A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, E. E. Timonina

Bank Fraud Detection with Graph Neural Networks

A. I. Sergadeeva, D. S. Lavrova, D. P. Zegzhda

Performance Evaluation of Antivirus Systems for Computer Networks

V. G. Anisimov, E. G. Anisimov, T. N. Saurenko, V. P. Los’

Generation of Synthetic Data for Honeypot Systems Using Deep Learning Methods

V. D. Danilov, T. D. Ovasapyan, D. V. Ivanov, A. S. Konoplev, D. A. Moskvin

Computer Network Clustering Methods in Cybersecurity Problems

E. Yu. Pavlenko, I. S. Eremenko, A. D. Fatin