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10-04-2019 | Automatic Transmission | News | Article

ZF's New 8-Speed Automatic Transmission to be Released in 2022 as a Hybrid

Patrick Schäfer

ZF has continued the development of its 8-speed automatic transmission, which has been in production since 2009. The newest version of the automatic transmission is scheduled for release in 2022 and will be optimised for the integration of electric drives. 

The ZF 8-speed automatic transmission has been on the market since 2009. Its latest version, which has been technically optimised for the integration of electric drives, is due for release in 2022. This will also include hybrid transmission variants. Its modular design should enable customers to easily switch from one transmission variant to another.

ZF's new 8-speed automatic transmission is designed for longitudinal installation and has a modular design. Due to its multiple starting elements it is suitable for both conventional and electrified vehicles. "We have consistently optimised our 8-speed automatic transmission according to future e-mobility requirements," explained Michael Hankel, member of the ZF Board of Management and responsible for transmission technology and e-mobility, among other things. 

ZF receives major contract from BMW

The supplier has received a major contract from BMW for the new transmission. Production starts at ZF’s Saarbrücken plant in 2022. ZF is also planning to start production in the USA and China in the years to follow.

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