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17-02-2021 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Dacia Teaming up with Lada to Build Mid-size SUV

Patrick Schäfer
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As part of Renault’s so-called Renaulution strategy, subsidiary Dacia has also given an outlook for the coming years. The new Dacia-Lada business unit is to lead to a new SUV model. 

Renault subsidiary Dacia has presented a five-year plan up to 2025. This includes the creation of a separate Dacia-Lada business unit. Dacia is planning to introduce three new models by 2025. In this way, the Romanian automaker aims to increase its competitiveness and penetrate new segments. Thus, the five-seater mid-size SUV Bigster Concept was presented. 

The Dacia Bigster Concept is a 4.60-m SUV based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s modular CMF-B platform. The front features the brand’s signature Y-shaped light signature. The exterior protectors are made exclusively of recycled plastics. It is also notable that Dacia has completely dispensed with chrome trim on the dark green concept car. The future mid-size model is to be available with various powertrains.

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