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07-10-2019 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Add-On Valve Enhances Comfort on Passive Dampers

Patrick Schäfer

Chassis supplier DRiV has unveiled the add-on valve. This valve technology works in conjunction with the passive damper's main valve and can improve driving comfort.

DRiV's add-on valve works using Monroe RideRefine SDD (stroke dependent damping) valve technology. This works with the damper's main valve to minimise any minor bumps during driving. A bypass on the main valve directs oil into the Monroe RideRefine SDD valve, where it provides damping. Following completion of the small piston stroke, the damper's main valve resumes normal operation.

The damping of the add-on valve system can be fine-tuned. The SDD valve technology was conceived with the idea of filtering out minor road inputs on highways and can easily be integrated into an existing damper design, since the new valve is added below the piston.

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