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06-12-2017 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Lamborghini Calls the New Urus a "Super SUV"

More than 30 years after the LM002, Lamborghini is again unveiling a crossover: according to the manufacturer, the Urus is the first "Super SUV" and, like its predecessor, faster than the competition. 

"It is a true Lamborghini in terms of design, performance, driving dynamics and emotion as well as drivable every day in a range of environments", says Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The 2.200-kg SUV is slated to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, with a stated top speed of 305 km/h, making the Urus the fastest SUV and superceding the Bentley Bentayga, with its 301 km/h. 

The 5.112 millimetre-long, 2.016 millimetre-wide and 1.638 millimetre-high Urus is Lamborghini’s first vehicle with a turbocharged engine under the bonnet: the 4-l-V8 with two twin-scroll turbochargers delivers 478 kW (641 hp), with a maximum torque of 850 newton metres. Power is transmitted via an eight-speed transmission with s slip-controlled converter lock-up clutch and a specially developed torque converter. 

All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering

The permanent all-wheel drive with front axle, central axle and rear axle differential has active torque vectoring and can hence distribute the power to each individual wheel. The rear wheel steering, already known from the Aventador S, works at all speeds; the adaptive air suspension with roll compensation reduces the sidewards inclination during sporty driving. The driver can select four different driving modes: Strada, Sport, Corsa and Neve (snow); the off-road mode Terra and Sabbia (sand) are optional. 

With a wheelbase of 3.003 millimetres, the interior of the angular SUV offers space for up to five passengers. The driver looks behind the sports steering wheel onto a digital instrument cluster. The ascending centre console is said to have been inspired by the LM002, including the switch for the driving modes and two TFT touchscreens for climate control and infotainment, which includes support for Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

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