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26-05-2020 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Lamborghini Unveils the Huracán Evo RWD Spyder

Patrick Schäfer
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Lamborghini has unveiled its Huracán Evo RWD Spyder. Like the coupé, the convertible provides 449 kW (610 HP) of power and a maximum torque of 560 Nm.

The Lamborghini Huracán Evo RWD Spyder is 4,520 mm long, 1,933 mm wide and 1,180 mm high. The Huracán Evo RWD Spyder's body, made from aluminium and thermoplastics, requires no additional aerodynamic components. It sits on a lightweight hybrid chassis made from aluminium and carbon fibre and has a dry weight of 1,509 kg. The Evo RWD Spyder's light fabric roof works on an electro-hydraulic system and can be opened and closed in 17 seconds. The 19-inch Kari rims are fitted with specially developed Pirelli P Zero tyres. 20-inch rims and carbon ceramic brakes are also optionally available.

The 5.2-litre V10 petrol engine in the Huracán Evo RWD Spyder provides 449 kW (610 HP) of power and a maximum torque of 560 N m. The seven-speed LDF dual-clutch gearbox transmits power to the rear wheels. The open-air EVO RWD can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds; the top speed is 324 km/h. The ANIMA button on the steering wheel allows the driver to control the driving modes. Together with the specially tuned P-TCS traction control system, STRADA enables controlled driving with minimal wheel slip, SPORT mode allows the driver to drift, and CORSA offers maximum traction and agility at top speeds. The infotainment system is controlled via an 8.4-inch HMI touchscreen in the centre console.

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